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Snowden Speaks

Edward Snowden believes that some US officials would like to see him shot dead or poisoned, but he says he can still sleep easily at night, because he did what he needed to do.

The whistleblower’s thinking is revealed in his first full-length television interview, to be screened in an Australian exclusive on Dateline.

In a secret location in Moscow, he speaks candidly to Hubert Seipel from German broadcaster NDR about the far-reaching surveillance details he leaked, the treason charges he faces, and his life in exile in Russia.

But with opinions divided over his actions, is Snowden a traitor who needs to be prosecuted or a hero who needs to be protected?

WATCH - See Snowden speak in more detail than ever before. Apologies, but this story is not available outside Australia for copyright reasons, but you can still read the transcript.

THE FALCON LANDS - This episode of Dateline also included an explosive interview with former spy Christopher Boyce, who claims the CIA interfered in 1970s Australian politics. He's an admirer of Edward Snowden and also gives his own advice for the whistleblower.


On air: 18th February 2014

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