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Manus Insider

A Manus Island migration agent has turned whistleblower, saying the whole asylum seeker processing system there is ‘fake’.

In an exclusive interview with Dateline, Liz Thompson tells Mark Davis she was told to lie to asylum seekers about their prospects of resettlement.

She says that made her immigration interviews a ‘farce’ and ‘charade’, because she knew the only option facing them was indefinite detention.

Ultimately she resigned in disgust and returned to Australia.

Her claims are the latest allegations to come out of the centre in Papua New Guinea following the recent riots in which an asylum seeker died.

WATCH - Hear Liz Thompson’s explosive allegations in full.

- A week after this story, Dateline broadcast a special investigation revealing new images and testimony about the appalling conditions inside Nauru and Manus. Find out more.

REPLAY - Look back at Dateline's previous stories on asylum seekers trying to reach Australia, including Mark's Logie-nominated interview with another Manus Island whistleblower in July 2013 and Mark's previous attempts to get permission to film inside.


Photo (Manus file image): Getty

On air: 25th February 2014

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