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Fighting Chance

Last year, Dateline’s Aaron Lewis met some extraordinary youngsters at a camp for children with Tourette Syndrome in the United States.

One of them, 14-year-old Zack Lamb, has one of the most severe cases in America and his condition has grown progressively worse since Aaron first filmed with him.
He involuntarily hits out at his family in violent rages, which got so bad at one point he had to be put into a coma.
Aaron returns to the story to meet a family at a crossroads.
There’s only one procedure left that they believe might bring him some peace… a risky operation known as Deep Brain Stimulation.
It involves implanting a device that sends electrical impulses to Zack's brain, which might help curb his relentless ticcing.
But it’s such a rare procedure, can Zack’s family find a surgeon willing to perform this potentially life-altering surgery?
WATCH - See Aaron’s latest insight into this deeply misunderstood condition.

TWITCH AND SHOUT - Replay Aaron's original story on the Twitch and Shout summer camp for children with Tourette's, first broadcast in August 2013.

UPDATE - Dateline continued to follow Zack through his surgery and back to the next Camp Twitch and Shout in a story called Zack's Battle from September 2014.

INTERVIEW WITH AARON - Aaron talks to SBS World News Radio about his story, including more details on the delicate operation Zack faces.

TOURETTE'S FACTFILE - Find out more about the syndrome and how to get local advice and support from the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia.


On air: 11th March 2014

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