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Interview with Nirmala Rajasingam

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26 May 2009 09:01 AEST

Mahul Spencer

From: clarinda

Yes. I am hopeful, If not ?!

Yes. I am hopeful that the GOI & the IC utilizing the LTTE capital left after their demise will do it's best to influence the GOSL to do something similar to what was in the 87 accord but things have changed much with Karuna and the east as well as the majority in the NE population having been give death which is a much greater liberation than Eelam or Elam, especially under VP and his ilk. That is at its best. Even at its worst my last response to DBS below:- should help us take care of it with a recasting or relaying of a more realistic foundations be it on this issue or the so-called spiritual or religious issue as on the web side u_g_krishnamurti.net or org re the "the mystique or mistake of enlightenment' The core issues to be considered RE Singhalese, Tamil probs are follows:- 1. None of us chose to be born as a Tamil or Singhalese. Itâs an accident to be neither proud of nor ashamed of but accept it as an accidental fact of life like our DNA. Like-wise we did not choose are parents, relatives, and place of birth, religion, language, cast or clan. The truth that may be ugly is that we are all by-products of our parentâs pleasures and cultural pressures, who are here to make the best of a bad bargain. 2. In the 70âs and 80âs approximately 90,000 Singhalese were killed during the so-call Che Guevara or JVP insurrection but to-date the official figures are only 70,000 Tamils and the majority of them Tamils and some Singhalese were killed by the LTTE. There are many who claim that the LTTE has killed far more Tamils in wholesale killings post 83 by acts of omissions & commissions than all the 56 and after retail Tamils killings by the Singhalese state and its propulsion agencies. 3. The above is evidence that the issues are more economic than racial or national as not all but most Tamils & Singhalese claim it to be. Nationalism is yet another garb like religion, sex, caste or class to gain power, control, authority and advantage over other groups of people over their status and for their wealth and goodies as well as take revenge for these differences that were used to oppress socially and economically be they be both perceived and/or actual.

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25 May 2009 23:50 AEST


From: Brisbane

Separate states

People who are asking for separate states should understand Srilankan government cannot allow differnet groups to have peices of the country. Srilanka is not a cake to cut and have peices when different groups feel like it. Will Australian government allow the Aboriginal groups to have the northern part of the country and other different nationals to have different parts of the country. If you look at the statistics of life expectancy,education,jobs Tamils and Sinhala have the same numbers.

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25 May 2009 23:50 AEST


From: Brisbane

Genocide by LTTE

LTTE the only group in Srilanka who is responsible for genocide against Sinhalease and Muslims. Not a single sinhalese or other minority person was allowed in the LTTE controlled areas. They killed and raped all the Sinhalese and Muslims in there area. While the majority of the tamils live among Sinhalese and muslims in the south. LTTE wanted a mono ethenic state dividing srilanka. With the dream of expanding it later on combining Tamil Nadu. It's the reason India supported the SL government.

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25 May 2009 23:50 AEST


From: brisbane

Prabhakaran's death gave Nirmala freedom of speech

Nirmala and many other tamils can speak freely now because the LTTE is largely destroyed. But she should still watch out for her life from the LTTE.

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25 May 2009 23:49 AEST


From: Sydney

Thank You to George Negus and SBS for accepting ALL comments and news links submissions

I really appreciate the fact that SBS has made it easy for us to have 'Free Speech'. I haven't really seen this sort of freedom on any other major news/related sites. so Thank You! You guys are clearly accepting EVERYONE's view, which is great. This really helps us see the 'other' side of the story., other people's views and understand others' views/attitudes. The fact that you provide an easy, quick way to submit views, & the even better option for submitting links to other sites is excellent

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25 May 2009 23:49 AEST


From: Melbourne

Nirmala not Tamil activist

I would to like to commend Dateline on airing these interviews. However, I think that the person selected as Tamil Activist is not credible. Nirmala is not an activist and especially not a Tamil activist. She does not represent any Tamil community, the ones in Sri Lanka or the Diaspora Tamils. My understanding is she is seen as selfish and/or traitor to the Tamil cause by majority of the Tamils. Her reasons for defecting from the LTTE are also not credible. I am sure she would have known the âwaysâ of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. She also forgot to mention that it was Pirabaharan, the leader of the LTTE who rescued her from the Sri Lankan prison and took her to India. She fell out with the LTTE over personal reasons and not over any ideological differences...this is well known in the Tamil circles. A âTamil activistâ would have ignored her hatred of the LTTE and would have focussed on the suffering of the Tamils. She spends most of her interview time talking about the LTTE and not about the unimaginable suffering of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Please, next time select a credible person to interview...I am sure there are many Tamils and non-Tamils (even Singhalese) who can give a neutral viewpoint.

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25 May 2009 23:49 AEST


From: Melbourne

Nirmal is not representative of the Eelam Tamils

I know hare family very well. Most people think her sister was killed by the so called Indian Peace Keeping forces as she was highjlighting the rape of Tamil women b y these so called Indian peace keeping forces. Many of tehse asssianations were carried out by others and teh LTTE was a convennient scape goat. Nirmala spoke well but she has he rown personal axe to gring withth eLTTE and she seemed not t be interested about the plight her fellow Tamil in the country

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25 May 2009 23:49 AEST


From: Australia


Nirmala, I want to correct you please. GOSL never promoted Sinhalese or Buddhism as a basis of the war. It was purely to defend the constitutional democratic basis only. In Buddhism Lord Buddha said there is only one race and it is HUMAN RACE.

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