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Ground Zero Mosque

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23 Dec 2010 16:46 AEST

Gratten Darmody

From: woywoy

the church won,t save you on judgment day becase its not the devil you think you know

hijacking airplanes has been a feature of the poltical extreem for a lot longer than 9.11 and so has war with Iraq and afganistan Islam has evoled as a relgion and is more powerfull as is all relgion,s becase they are a focus group. Denial is not going to give them or us more faith to focus on the best way to live life. I don,t go to church to learn how bad the world is in the name of a religios war keep church and state seperate how diffrent is Islam

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07 Nov 2010 19:40 AEST


From: Sydney

Tension builds

They are well within their rights to go ahead and build...But on behalf of those who lost family and friends, Its just rude! Reverse this for a minute... Those families in Iraq, minding their business, tired of their government and the crap out side their window suddenly sprayed with American bullets, loved family members lost. Then here comes America building an American symbol smack bang in the same town. No, it is not illegal.. its their right. But its ethically insensitive and I say wrong

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12 Sep 2010 13:41 AEST


From: South Australia

Hatred is not the answer.

I found this quite a sad story to watch. I love how Obama has stood up to these Islam haters by continiously stating about accepting other people's beliefs and everyone has a right to practice their own relgion. Just because the 9/11 attacks were made possible by terrorists who just happened to believe in Islam. Building an Islamic community centre, is not hurting people or encouraging terroism.

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08 Sep 2010 11:12 AEST


From: Melbourne

Stop using anti-Islam sentiments to push your own political or financial gain

This is just one beat up story. The mosque is not that close to ground zero. The area where the mosque will be built is even in a dead zone in manhattan that has been a dead zone since 9/11. No one wants to place their business there near or around the WTC. So this community centre will likely help to revamp that area of manhattan. And this is most liekly what the local council is thinking of. People argue there are no muslims there, then why are all those muslims there praying? funny.

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05 Sep 2010 22:49 AEST


From: Liverpool

It is a question of manner

Freedom of religion has nothing to do with the building of this mosque. This is an issue of understanding and sensitivity. If you want to promote Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance, why would you build a mosque in a location that will provoke and anger people? Of all the location, why two blocks from ground zero? Of all the name, why Cordoba? Look up the word "Cordoba". You can build this mosque when we can build a church in Mecca. How about that for tolerance? Have some manners!

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03 Sep 2010 11:21 AEST


From: Melbourne

Mosque or no Mosque

Whether there is a mosque or no mosque near 9/11 site, the muslims will always pray as usual. Its time that people stop arguing and just take a decision democratically. Also the hate for Islam should stop and people should understand that Islam did not preach bombings and demolitions of buildings and it is just the politics and media which have put a bad label on Islam. Muslims should also be more tolerative of the Western culture and their ideologies. This would be good for the whole humanity.

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01 Sep 2010 10:10 AEST

Lachlan McKenzie

From: Melbourne

Tolerating an imperialist ideology

I'm not a fan of religion because it challenges the authority of the government which is elected by ALL people. This centre contains a distinctly Islamic character and is proposed as close as possible to the site of the worst atrocity committed in the name of Islam on US soil. It aims to promote understanding between faiths, but this will of course be problematic because most faiths are utterly incompatible. If you truly understood faith you would not adhere to its senseless nature.

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31 Aug 2010 17:05 AEST


From: Perth WA

Ground Zero Community Center

One thing that is left out of this debate is the credit that the official institutions of New York deserve. In approving the project of the community center they have washed away the argument that the center is at ground zero and that it is Mosque, with a dome and a minaret. It therefore is blatantly evident that it is a bigotry on the part of opposition. How ever in view of the potential RIFT that the building will cause in the community, it would be advisable that it was not built there.

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