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Ground Zero Mosque

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23 Aug 2010 11:13 AEST


From: Sydney

Apologists and Appeasers

I'm sick of hearing from the apologists and appeasers and I'm sick of people telling me my culture is to blame for the world's ills. I'm from the West and proud of it. Its not our fault most of the world can't get its act together.I've had "moderate" Muslims laugh whilst telling me that Oz will be a Muslim nation by 2050.For the apologists and appeasers who say we are bigots I say look to Europe and the troubles they have there now.Islam and the West are not compatible.Period.No mosque!

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23 Aug 2010 11:13 AEST

Netty D

From: Melbourne Victoria Australia

It's a joke, RIGHT??

If the Yanks allow a mosque to be constructed near ground zero they might as well permit one to be built on the White House lawn & send gilt edged invitations to Bin Laden et al to attend the consecration! Ah yes...the Pentagon! A minaret perched on the roof of the Headquarters of the U.S Dept of Defence would be a very magnanimous gesture of forgiveness. Speaking of tolerance...Barak could double as a muezzin & call the faithful to prayer while Michelle greets them from behind a Burqa!

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23 Aug 2010 11:12 AEST


From: Kandahar


There should not be any Starbucks in Japan reminding those people how Americans dropped the A-bomb on them... Look at your stupid logic you haters!!! And please, no Mercedes in Israel....

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23 Aug 2010 11:11 AEST


From: Perth

America, will you ever learn?

September 11 was a devestatingly tragic event. But denying Muslim communities in America to the right of celebrating and practicing their beliefs peacefully is not a step towards an existence that the USA ( and the rest of the world) could be proud of. If we were to condemn every religion because we confuse an act of extreme violence by a minority as representative of its wider community, our global cultural landscape would be without very little religious iconography.

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23 Aug 2010 10:49 AEST


From: Canberra

United States is a disgrace

Dateline PLEAASSSE show 'Iraqs Deadly Legacy' to Pamela Geller! Then send her and her supporters to the hospital in Fallujah to assist those suffering. I am ashamed of the United States they are a disgrace! As for the building of a mosque on this revered site, these people are tainting the respect and memories of the deceased by their own pathetic bigotry. Just build a church next to the mosque and pray together for world peace.

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23 Aug 2010 00:02 AEST


From: Melbourne

No Mosque near Ground Zero

if the Koran says Muslims should rid the world of infidels (Christians), and some elders of the Muslim faith continue to brainwash young, idealistic, impressionable people to that effect, how can we trust anyone purporting to be Muslim ? I think Muslims all over the world should bring pressure to bear on these elders to stop those suicidal teachings and promote understanding and compassion for their fellow humans. Muslim can be welcome in western society but we need to be sure of your intent

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23 Aug 2010 00:01 AEST


From: Langwarrin, Victoria

Index Finger Salute??

If I had cause to live in Afganhistan, Iraq or Saudi Arabia would my Christianity-based beliefs, principles & religious practice be accommodated in a manner similar to that which is expected by Muslims of the citizens of N.Y.? Presumably Muslims choose to live in the West because they seek the benefits intrinsic to a libertarian society that does NOT terrorise them into embracing the cultural mores & core beliefs on which it is founded. A Mosque at GZ is blatant effrontery on behalf of Islam!!!

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23 Aug 2010 00:00 AEST


From: Australia

Shocked it is even considered

I am married to a Muslim and this opened a debate in my household. My husband argued "what about what America has done", same as some comments on here. I say "What has that got to do with this issue". Isnt the problem with WHERE the mosque is being built, not that Muslims shouldnt be allowed to practice their faith. Practice all you like in a place that will not hurt others. It will cause pain to some, whatever the reason, the fact is it will ,so build it somewhere else simple.

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