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Toxic Legacy

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17 Sep 2010 10:02 AEST


From: Alaska

The reasons this happened in the first place are because our government didn't do their job.

A group of people have finally come to the conclusion that a Constitutional Convention is needed to address the undermining of the United States Constitution. It specifically safeguards against deleting or changing the original Constitution, but adds an amendment which will clarify ambiguities which have arisen as a result of judicial activism and misinterpretation of the original intent of the Constitution. www.usconstitutionalconventioniii.com

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08 Sep 2010 11:13 AEST


From: Birmingham, AL

destruction of the Gulf

As a resident of Alabama we see first hand the destruction and continued destruction of the Gulf. We will be seeing the effects of BP and the Fed's lies for generations to come. The main stream media over here has pretty much stopped reporting on the damage and the people of the Gulf coast region are left to fight this horror. I appreciate datelines excellent report. Just wish the media here would tell the truth. Fat chance! We had some of the most beautiful water and sugar white beaches.

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01 Sep 2010 22:35 AEST


From: Tasmania

Why call her Granny

Hello George, (if my email is being read by you) otherwise hello dateline personna, I think it is extremely remiss of you to call the woman/science expert who is working to help people who are suffering because of the oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico) 'Granny'. Its patronising, demeaning & disrespectful. It is an irrelevant label, if a man you would not have referred to him as "The Grandpappy" or some such term. This seems a very cheap way to publicise your program, please rethink your approach.

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01 Sep 2010 15:55 AEST

Annie Zon

From: Australia

Stop granny-bashing

I agree whole-heartedly withJacquie that Wilma Subra's grand maternal status had no relevance to the story. (I just checked the"disagree" option by mistake.) It is unreasonable that Dateline viewers should be distracted from an otherwise substantial story by a covert invitation from both the presenter and producer to wonder how a grandmother should be so committed, concerned and well-informed. Pish and piffle. Do better!

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31 Aug 2010 17:04 AEST

Gregory Hill

From: Brisbane

BP is not the only guilty company

Loved your story, It just goes to show that companies like BP don't give a stuff about the "little people" or the environment. They only care about their profits and will use whatever PR spin is necessary to cover up their profit driven stuff-ups. The way they prohibited the workers from using PPE during the cleanup says much about that companies lack of a safety oriented culture.

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31 Aug 2010 11:02 AEST


From: Queensland

More awareness about the long term health effects of chemicals on human health is needed

I applaud Wilma Subra for thinking long term. Some of the people in the Gulf area and some of the workers who help with the clean up will go on to develop long term and chronic health problems caused by chemical injury as is the case with 9/11. Who will be there to help those people? Society needs to be better educated on chemical injury and the consequences of chronic poisoning, at the moment it is being whitewashed by the Government, the medical profession and the chemical industry.

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30 Aug 2010 15:51 AEST

Catherine Voutier

From: Melbourne

But they still use oil ...

All the people featured in this story are hypocrites. Why? Because they are still driving cars and using diesel powered boats. The reason why their livelihood is held to ransom via big polluters is that the big polluters still make a profit from consumers. The buck stops at home. Don't drive cars powered by oil - invest in green energy! It will take time but once the big polluters see that they are not making a profit from drilling oil anymore, they will turn to making money through other means.

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30 Aug 2010 15:33 AEST


From: Melbourne

Do yo ever wonder if its all just one big lie?

Watch this. Its almost an ecxact mirror copy of the same incident 32 years ago. To say they didint know it could happen is a lie. To say they didnt know how to stop it is a lie. To say its never happened is a lie. To say they dont know the after effects, is a lie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHmhxpQEGPo&feature=player_embedded

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