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23 Nov 2010 16:27 AEST

Ron Munro

From: Salisbury, South Australia, Australia


Geert you have my 100% support in this Islam issue. Where do I get a sticker to show my support for my vehicle here in Australia.

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18 Nov 2010 17:36 AEST


From: netherlands

I am sorry

Most people who votes for Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are either from rural areas, cities of villagers that do not face with Islamic people on a day to day basis. Most people that do face Islamic people on a day to day basis and have a multi cultural mindset, know Geert Wilde is the downright eqivillant of evil. I as a dutch native woman appologize for the people who voted for this man, He is downright trying to erase a population group, one man has tried that before many years back....

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14 Nov 2010 20:14 AEST

pater mac

From: south-east queensland

west wake-up

Geert Wilders may not be everyones ''cup of tea '' but he is the only politan so far to ''face the cold hard facts ''. SO if the western free democratic world needs '' a shot in the arm '' to immunise FOR democracy & freedom of speech etc. & from / AGAINST the radical islamic political ,religious & cultural TOTALITARIAN MYSOGONOSTIC OPPRESSIVE SO CALLED '' RELIGION OF PEACE '' .... THIS MAKES HIM [ GEERT WILDERS ] UNIQUELY VERY SPECIAL AS '' OUR ONLY RAY OF

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07 Nov 2010 19:40 AEST


From: Bella Vista (BA), Argentina

Islam - a religion or an ideology?

Multiculturism is perfectly allright. But what is happening in the Netherlands lately, is not a mixture but a struggle of cultures. Wilders does NOT want the Netherlands to be free of Muslims, he wants it free from BAD and ill-willing Muslims. His main objection are the teachings of Islam, so he wants to stop immigration FROM ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. This important difference appears crystal-clear in Wilder's statements. It seems to me that many people are unable or unwilling to read and listen well.

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07 Nov 2010 19:39 AEST


From: the netherland

a reaction from holland

i just wanted to say, that most dutch people DO realise that Wilders is a fascist, and that the majority of dutch people don't agree with his ideas.

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04 Nov 2010 19:21 AEST


From: Perth WA

Some Muslim Better Christians

Geert Wilders is partly correct in expressing his views on what he calls Islamic people and their culture. Therefore he is partly WRONG when he equates the non-Quranic practices of People commonly known as Muslims, who follow the various dogmas of their Churches and Priests - BTW, Islam has none of these! He being a 'good' Christian should do bit more open minded reading of the source book of Islam-the Quran and NOT Muslim apocrypha; and his own religious scriptures eg just one example: Holy wars: Deuteronomy 7:2, 7:16 etc...show no mercy, Death penalty by stoning, Leviticus 24:16 etc-So the abuser of Jehovah's name should be put to death without fail. The entire assembly SHOULD WITHOUT FAIL pelt him with stones. Ref -New world Translation of Holy Scriptures. Therefore some Muslims are better Christians.

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25 Oct 2010 10:06 AEST


From: Netherlands

Wilders condemned before trial

All Wilders opponents decided "guilty" long before the trial. Wilders will not be guilty neither for discrimination, insult based on race nor hate spreading. Personally i never voted PVV and i never will. Nevertheless we have to face the precence of the PVV in our house of commons. FYI our government is a coalition of the Liberal party and th Christian Democrats. Because of the fact they are short 24 seats in the parlament, Therefore the support of the PVV (similar to denmark's structure)

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25 Oct 2010 10:05 AEST

muhammad Ali

From: western australia

religion of Peace

cant you see this man is just a stupid racist? i converted to islam 7 months ago and all a have got from it is love, love of muslims, love of fellow human beings, love of the planet and love of different cultures dont lisen to this man who just plays apon the fears that have been created by NON-muslims like osamabinladen and fueled by the media. the quran has no hate it is is the most beautiful book on this planet.lisen to the wisdom of muhammad and see that islam is not to be feared. Peace out

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