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Mr Controversial

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20 Sep 2010 09:39 AEST

Maywand Osman

From: Sydney Australia


is it just me or does this guy sound like a moron ?

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19 Sep 2010 21:56 AEST

Van der Kumar

From: Groningen

An appeal

I would like the humble onlooker just for one moment appeal to the humanity of this situation. The allowance of a man such as Geert Wilders to fester with his ideals will be the end of our humanity. Though I am no steadfast supporter of the Moslim culture I do know that it has its downsides as does every interpretation of human culture but we can not be the generation that it looked upon, a time from now who watched as such an injustice was forced upon good citizens for the sins of the few.

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19 Sep 2010 21:47 AEST

Bruce Donaldson

From: Melbourne, Australia

Incorrect use of 'retarded'

Geert Wilders would do his cause less harm in the eyes of English speakers, if he took note that the Dutch word 'achterlijk', which he clearly had in mind when he called Islam 'retarded', also translates as 'backward' in English, which is obviously what he meant to say.

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19 Sep 2010 21:30 AEST


From: Australia

Geert knew the real Islam

Why is it that an Islamic country (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt etc) does not allow freedom for other faiths (even persecutes them), yet muslims in the west turn a blind eye to that but demand rights in a western country that accepted them with open arms? There is a double-standard being applied here and people like Geert dig it out. To know the real islam a good documentary is in place : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-871902797772997781#

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19 Sep 2010 19:30 AEST


From: Perth

Cover yourselves up?!

Why does the West allow people into their countries who consider all Westerners infidels and threaten their lives and their way of life. And why do we allow them to use our public swimming pools and expect us to cover up as it offends their beliefs. Who moved to whose country?! Please Australia don't cater to this nonsense. It's your country and people who move here should adapt to your way of life, NOT the other way around.

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19 Sep 2010 19:05 AEST

George Matta

From: Canada

Where will it end?

I was born in Canada, but my father immigrated here 40 years ago from Lebanon. Will I be allowed to immigrate to the Netherlands in the final revision of Mr. Wilders plan? Would I have a better chance if I dyed my hair blonde and wore blue contacts? Never mind, I think I'll stay in a country that practices the the tenants it proclaims.

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18 Sep 2010 22:15 AEST


From: Sweden

Academic point of view

As a sociologist of religion, I do believe that this guy is just an idiot. He is clearly misguided, and deeply hates Islam. He uses a few extremists as an example, which is neither fair nor logical. It is like showing KKK and claiming that they are what Christianity is all about. In academia, studies show that the majority of Muslim immigrants are secular and want to assimilate into their new home countries. Shame on you Wilders, and shame on Dutch people who voted for an idiot like you

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15 Sep 2010 23:31 AEST

Kelele Nyingi

From: The Netherlands

Faulty strategy

Wrong strategy. He should plee for democracy, not against islam. Democracy is based on a number of principals, such as freedom of belief, freedom of speech and the right to self-determination. Any decision can only be considered to be a democratic one if it is consistent with all of these principals, not just a majority vote. In a real democracy muslims can never gain political power. And neither can christians, buddhists, hindus or members of any other religious group. That is the real problem.

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