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Bradley Manning

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16 Oct 2011 20:28 AEST


From: California

I've seen the Army

Bottom line up front, he is a traitor. There are always excuses. However, I've been in the Army, and it deserves Bradley Manning. In Basic we had several Bradley Mannings. Many got discharged after being tormented by the neanderthals training with them. Many got through. The Army needs to just let people quit while in training instead of forcing them to stay. It is a myth that the Army does not get enough applications, by the way. A plausible myth grant you, but a myth. Army of dumb.

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20 Jul 2011 11:08 AEST

John Hobbs

From: Gold Coast

Crimes Against Humanity: a decent young human being - Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning,a decent young man,very intelligent,with good moral principles,caught up in the very brutal American military process.Being of slight build,& Gay,has attracted some of ugliest forms of brutalisation from fellow soldiers&his superiors.This is all before he allegedly leaked documents to WikkiLeaks.He is now in a military prison, awaiting trial,& subject to continual torture.Military/Pentagon staff involved in any of this should be charged under Crimes Against Humanity Laws.

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10 Jul 2011 20:07 AEST


From: Brisbane

Only half of the story

In the past I have respected dateline for showing both sides of the story. Sadly this piece fell far below that standard. Even if the story was just about the man there was no mention of his idealism, and moral values. The Lamo chat logs reveal the personal conflict he felt when realising that he had become part of a system that practiced and then covered crimes against humanity.

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07 Jul 2011 10:03 AEST


From: Wollongong

Some security

Security was breached by soldiers stating that they kept computer passwords on post it notes on the computers - why not lock all of them up if they had access to the computers and anyones passwords? - Anyone who had access to that area should be in prison with him -but no they picked their scapegoat "the runt".

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04 Jul 2011 16:42 AEST

Steve Gapes

From: Armidale

Bradley Manning

I thought I was watching another channel when this 'story' came on. What's happened to Dateline's objective and comprehensive journalism? This had the earmarks of a 20 second american grab on FoxNews, leaving the impression that BM is mentally unstable, suicidal, revengeful. There was no journalism here. It was a trite little piece of propaganda and sensationalism. This never would have happened on SBS before advertising, methinks....

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04 Jul 2011 09:44 AEST

David Butler

From: Sydney, Australia

I only have praise for this production

Finally, media sanity! For a while now I have been anxious to know the real Bradly Manning. Previous documentary's I have seen have been inordinately pre-judgemental. From this doco Bradley Manning was refreshingly treated with more dignity, with presumption of innocence, as everyone untried should be before the law. It behooves us to learn more about the documents allegeged to have been leaked. It'd probably explain a great deal why the US wants to jail this poor kid for 50 yrs.

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03 Jul 2011 23:58 AEST

Jann Dark

From: Sydney

Avoiding the real issue

The film focuses entirely on Bradley Manning's personality and not on the material that he allegedly (or someone) leaked. Date Line could give a better service to its viewers by instead of presenting this largely voyeuristic trivia, take a close look at the information about corruption, war-crimes and human rights abuses revealed in the documents and videos that Manning is accused of leaking to WikiLeaks. In the film, his guilt is almost presented as a fait accompli, as if he will be found guilty. Manning still faces trial. He is in prison, silenced and has no opportunity to counter the profile of him that the media is building. He is being charged essentially with crimes that amount to whistleblowing. But the film barley describes him as an alleged whistleblower and so avoids showing the obvious comparison between the moral principles of leaking information to the public about crimes committed by governments and the, in comparison, small crime of infringing secrecy laws as a government employee; the crimes that the leaked documents reveal far outweigh the crime of leaking them. The whistleblower, (Bradley Manning?) acted in the public interest, unlike the makers of this film, who mask the real issue with veiled character assassination. Sydneysiders can get a broader perspective on Bradley Manning by attending a forum @Parliament House. Visit http:syd4bradley.posterous.com/s4bforum

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03 Jul 2011 21:36 AEST

Robin Perry

From: Toowoomba

Dateline 3 July 2011, Bradley Manning

I was stunned by the lack of journalism in this piece. Dateline staff usually do such a good job! It reminded me of being back in the U.S. watching FOX news propaganda. What's up you guys?

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