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Condemned to Die

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20 Jul 2011 11:07 AEST


From: Darwin

Mixed Emotions

I feel tremendously for the families of these two young men, but for the men themselves, I am not so sure. They willingly went to Bali, knowing that what they were about to do was illegal. They must of also been aware of the consequences if they were caught yet still chose to do it . They are sorry now but they have been caught, they have been sentenced to death, of course they would be sorry. We may not agree or have the death penalty in Australia but unfortunately for them in Bali they do.

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20 Jul 2011 11:07 AEST

Stephen Barclay

From: Sydney

time to stand up

It's time the Australian government stood up and supported our citzens who made a mistake and will suffer the ultimate price for it. If Indonesia chooses to follow through with the death penalty the government should withdraw any support or assistance and Australian's should boycott travelling to Indonesia. This barbaric and inhuman practice has no place in our modern world.

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19 Jul 2011 01:08 AEST


From: Newcastle Upn Tyne, England

second chance

I don't think they should be given the death penalty!! they are 2 reformed characters trying to make amends for their crimes. It just aint fair on their families and that needs to be taken into consideration. A life sentance is enough!

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18 Jul 2011 16:21 AEST

Mark Davis

From: Sydney

mercy campaign

For those asking where can a petition be signed - it is at mercycampaign.org

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18 Jul 2011 16:21 AEST

Phil Trenton

From: Melbourne

Re 'Condemned To Die '.

Mark Davis's question was to Sukamaran was too black and white , not all heroin users have their lives ruined , some don't even get addicted . Futhermore all heroin users start taking the drug voluntarily with full knowledge of the risks . Users deserve help but they are the ones who are keeping the drug trade going . The couriers didn't bring the drugs into Indonesia and they were exporting it and not distributing it to locals , Indonesia's laws should take this into account.

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18 Jul 2011 16:21 AEST


From: Sydney

Waste of Space

These guys knew the law and tried to act outside it for their own gain. Why are we giving them any of our time or energy to try and save them or see their "personal' side? They are a waste of space, let the full weight of the Indonesian law come down on them. If they had of been successful in their smuggling do you think they would feel so remorseful once they had on-sold their loot? Hardly.

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18 Jul 2011 13:56 AEST


From: queensland

bringem home

this punishment is centuries old, we dont treat humans this way in the civilized world. they have learnt there lesson, why dont they go after the people who entised them. i feel angry that our counrty has sat back and watched this all unfold. and didnt the federal police dob them in to the bali police. have a heart and bring them back home.

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18 Jul 2011 13:56 AEST


From: Long Beach

The other side of the story

Why are we just now hearing that these two young men who have turned their lives around? This was mishandled from day one when the Federal [police who were supposed to prevent crime stood back and allowed this crime to happen in a country where the death penalty was in force. Murderes don't get the firing squad and neither should these two. Lengthy goal terms yes, but death no. I felt moved to tears watching this show. Where is the petition to save these two lives? What can we do?

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