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Mutiny in the Maldives

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31 Aug 2012 13:18 AEST


From: Sydney

Final word

Independent investigations by Commonwealth and accepted by UN confirms the current government as legitimate and not by the actions of a coup. End of story. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/fall-of-maldives-president-not-a-coup-panel/story-e6frf7k6-1226462051870 http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=42776&Cr=Maldives&Cr1=

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17 Apr 2012 13:07 AEST

Anne Dawson

From: Brisbane

Death of Maldivian Culture

Everywhere these Muslim extremist go ends up getting fubar'd. It is an Arabic form of Islam which is removing all traces of the original Maldivian culture in language, customs and general way of life. Maldivians should take pride in their own history and culture and tell these Muslim extremists to get out of their country and go back to Arabia or Pakistan.

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16 Apr 2012 10:24 AEST


From: Florida


If Mohamed Waheed would not align himself with an Illegal take over of power, than he should restore Mohamed Nasheed as the elected president and against all odds. President Nasheed is the rightful leader from the popular vote democratically, Islamically and constitutionally. There should be an immediate transition of power backed by the military and all those who illegally took over should be arrested, jailed and put on trial for crimes against the state.

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23 Mar 2012 09:51 AEST


From: Male

Situation is getting worse

MDP is going on terrorizing the population of Maldives. Since the report there had been torching of the public and private buildings, and withholding the parliament function. We won't listen to the rhetoric of "old regime". We want peace!

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16 Mar 2012 10:14 AEST

Hamid Abdul Ghaforr

From: Male, Maldives

Regaining Maldives lost Democracy

Most of the few affluent Maldivians, primarily tourism/political millionaires, feel outraged at their lost privileges rooted in the patronage system that held Gayyoom's Dictatorship together and therefore the money flowing. They are reflected in the irrelevance of the genre' of comments, equivalent to those made by Umar Naseer. Mr. Mark Davis definitely grated elite nerves. There was however consensus for "early elections" 60% as reflected in these comments. Thank you Mr. Mark Davis, appreciated

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05 Mar 2012 12:21 AEST

Mark Davis

From: Sydney

Hmmm Zoe.

Dear Zoe. You mightn't like what this story documents but it is a big call and a slanderous one to question my ethics. I have no partisan position on the Maldives. I suspect you do and are entitled to do so. I gather you believe Nashheed is a dictator. I hope you get an opportunity to express that view at an election. MD

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05 Mar 2012 09:59 AEST


From: Melbourne


It is very safe to come to Maldives Jess. Ps Avoid coming in to the capital island Male' and u will be safe. Hope you enjoy your honeymoon. Thanks for your comment, Quite a few of us are very surprised and disappointed in this report. We expected a great deal more from a reputed programme like Dateline and a journalist like Mark Davis. It is actions like this that at times gives reason to question the ethics of some of the journalists.

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05 Mar 2012 09:59 AEST


From: melbourne

@ Karen

@Karen. Male is referred as an atoll for Male Attol which consists of Male' the capital and group of islands that are in the same administrative zone. When talking about Male' the capital "IT IS AN ISLAND" The notion of a fair story in my view is a story that presents before and after.............. the way this was aired was a complete distortion of facts. PS. no need to get personal............ no need to comment on us Maldivians .........

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