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Russia's Richest Man?

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10 Aug 2012 09:58 AEST


From: Sydney

It doesn't matter how rich is Putin

People who think that The West is biased against Putin just don't know how really bad things are in Russia. It's much worse than it looks. He virtually owns the whole Russia, it's just naive to try to count his personal wealth. All those mentions of propaganda just make me sad. Truly yours, a Russian citizen, who have decided to leave that wretched country.

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09 Aug 2012 10:29 AEST

Leslie Louis

From: Canberra

Anti-Putin Propaganda

I do not know the extent of Putin's wealth, but over the years no credible evidence has been produced for his 'secret billions'. In re-running this stale propaganda, SBS has damaged its reputation. On a crusade, Belkovsky is a totally unreliable source, though his unsubstantiated claims are endlessly recycled. The ignorant presenter confused interior shots of 'Putin's Palaces' outside St Petersburg and the Black Sea. At least she did not claim that his workplace at the Kremlin was a Putin Palace.

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07 Aug 2012 22:13 AEST

John P

From: Hobart

another pro Western agenda ignoring both sides

So we pull out the axe and smash it into Putin's head, just because he is the President of Russia and is wealthy? Do tell me, are there not other Presidents in the world that have a lot of wealth and represent big bankers and criminals - the GFC comes to mind! Why just smear Putin? Is this another "red scare" just because Putin has the guts to speak out vocally on Western imperialism? Russia does have the world's largest gas reserves followed by Iran, much of which has been locked up by Putin.

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