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What is Digital Television?

Digital Television is an exciting new technology that changes the way that Free to Air television broadcasters provide their television broadcasts to you, the viewer. Digital television provides better picture quality, improved sound and superior reception to your existing analogue television service.

How does digital television offer me better picture quality?

Television programs broadcast in digital television are delivered in a quality equal to that offered by DVD as standard. Like DVD, digital television also allows broadcasters to provide their programming in a widescreen (16:9) picture format that provides a larger viewing area. This base form of digital television broadcast is referred to as a "Standard Definition" picture.

Digital television also allows broadcasters to provide certain programs in a very high quality picture format equal to that shown in movie cinemas. This picture quality is known as "High Definition" and allows broadcasters to deliver their television programs in cinema quality right to your home.

How does digital television offer me improved sound?

Digital television delivers viewers CD-quality stereo sound as standard with their new DVD, widescreen picture. Broadcasters may also choose to deliver Dolby Digital. surround sound with programs such as movies or drama.

The sound quality of Dolby Digital when teamed with a High Definition television program offers you the viewer, the best possible television viewing experience available today.

How does digital television provide superior reception to my existing analogue television service?

Digital television overcomes one of the basic issues with television reception that may be experienced by viewers watching analogue television. Digital and analogue television signals both weaken as they travel away from the television transmitter. An analogue television picture slowly degrades with a weaker signal resulting in a fuzzy or ghosted picture. A digital television picture will continue to show the same picture sent by the broadcaster up until the point where the signal can no longer be received.

What will digital television deliver in the future beyond my existing Free to Air television programming?

Over time, broadcasters will be able to offer more and more benefits to viewers of digital television including program guides, multi-view and interactive services.

Why should I be interested in getting Digital Television?

In summary, digital television takes the best quality programming provided by the Free to Air broadcasters and extends it by providing:

* DVD quality pictures
* CD quality sound
* Clearer reception
* Widescreen pictures
* High Definition cinema quality pictures and sound
* Extra content - this may be in the form of alternative pictures, programs, or other on-screen information - that you can choose with your remote control.
* New Channels (not available from all broadcasters).
* Future Interactive Services - currently under development.

When can I get Digital Television?

Digital television is available to over 75% of Australian households right now. All metropolitan areas and an increasing number of regional centres around Australia have access to digital television broadcasts.

By the end of 2003, all metropolitan centres excluding Canberra and 13 regional centres around Australia will have access to all of their existing Free to Air television channels in digital.

How can I find out whether or not I can receive digital television broadcasts?

For more information on where Digital Television is available, Digital Broadcasting Australia provides a guide to the availability of digital television around Australia.

What will happen to my existing analogue television?

Your current television will continue to receive the existing Free to Air television channels provided by broadcasters. The earliest this will change is 2008 when the government will review whether or not analogue broadcasts should be turned off.

How do I get Digital Television?

What are my options for gaining access to digital television?

You can get digital television by purchasing a digital television set top box (sometimes also called a digital television adaptor) that connects to your existing television and antenna.

Should you be looking at replacing or upgrading your existing television, you also have the option of purchasing an integrated digital television that connects directly to your television antenna.

What is a digital television set top box?

A digital television set top box is simply a device that connects to your television antenna and converts digital television programming into a signal compatible with your existing analogue television or VCR. A set top box can also offer additional features such as a channel guide, the ability to receive High Definition broadcasts and Dolby Digital surround sound dependent upon the particular supplier's specification.

What is an integrated digital television?

An integrated digital television is a standard television that also contains a digital tuner that allows the television to receive digital television broadcasts without any additional equipment. You connect the television to your antenna cable and you are ready to receive digital television programming. An integrated digital television like a set top box can also provide additional features.

Can I use my existing antenna to receive digital television?

Yes. You should be able to receive digital television through your existing antenna provided it and your antenna wiring are in good condition.

What do I need to receive and watch High Definition television programming?

To receive the best possible viewing experience delivered by high definition television programming, you will need either:

* a High Definition set top box coupled with a High Definition capable television or monitor or;
* a High Definition integrated digital television.

You can receive high definition television programming by connecting a High Definition set top box to your existing television however this will only deliver a picture quality equal to the display capability of your existing television.

What does digital television cost?

Once you purchase either a digital television set top box or integrated digital television there is nothing more to pay.

A range of digital television set top boxes and integrated digital televisions are now available from your electrical retailers around Australia. For more information on digital television products and electrical retailers in your area who stock digital television product please visit Digital Broadcasting Australia (DBA).


The DBA website has a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and information about digital TV commencement dates and coverage, the functionality and availability of equipment, retailer locations and the range of digital television programs and enhancements to be broadcast.

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