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Year of the Monkey

Lunar New Year is almost here. Get predictions for your year or cook up a storm.

Tell Lee Lin your birthday and she'll tell you your fortune for the year ahead.
Different countries celebrate Lunar New Year in very different ways. Find out how!

Fortune favours the brave

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate good luck and longevity for the year ahead, as family gather for a symbolic feast of epic proportions where nothing is...
Let's change our clocks to Lunar time and start the new year... again (!) with Chinese five-treasure duck, lucky Korean mochi balls and fragrant Burmese snapper....

Get cooking

Herald in Lunar New Year with our pick of dishes from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Burma and beyond.

New Year favourites

"Lunar New Year is always a wonderful time of year, brimming with family, friends and food." Blogger Betty Liu shares her her must-make recipes.

It’s in the single digits here in Boston, and I am freezing. During times like these, I crave comfort food. I’m not talking about mac and cheese or lasagne, I mean...
Whenever we travel to China, there is one thing I always get for a snack: cha ye dan, or marbled tea eggs. Tea eggs are incredibly easy and fun to make – simply...
Your Chinese New Year menu (or peek into the tradition) is sorted thanks to le jus d’orange – this week’s tempting SBS Food Blog Appétit pick.
When my husband and I visited Suzhou in China, we made sure to grab two bowls of steaming hot, fragrant, mini wontons. These wontons are stuffed with a tiny bit...
Lunar New Year is one of my favourite times of the year because everywhere I turn I see my favourite things: noodles, dumplings, rice cakes, red bean that...

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