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Destination Flavour Singapore

Adam Liaw is back in an all-new series Thursdays at 8pm. This time he uncovers Singapore.

Love it or hate it, durian is clouded in more controversy than a Kardashian sister. Banned from many Southeast Asian hotels and all public spaces in Singapore, this...
Airs Thursdays at 8pm on SBS and Food Network. The latest culinary series of #DestinationFlavour sees Adam Liaw travel to the small island nation of Singapore....
"Thunder Tea is a mix of vegetables, served together with rice, and a tea poured over the top. I remember making make this dish called Lei cha, which translates...
Passed on to him by a Hainanese sailor he met when he was a young man, Uncle Tham’s curry puffs are a hugely popular snack in Singapore. All handmade and bursting...
Get the story behind the curious green coconut jam that’s made its way from toast to cocktails in Singapore.

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This is why butter, salt and water - yes, water - are your friends.
When a treasured comfort food from your family's homeland is embraced by your Aussie community, it can evoke great memories - and some soul searching.
Equally as good with ice cream as they are in an Asian curry or salad, lychees are the jewel of the summer fruit season.
It's a supremely versatile comfort food - and now it even has its own dedicated restaurant.

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