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Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom

Missed episode 3? Watch it online now and get all your favourite recipes from the show. Luke returns Thursday at 8pm on SBS ONE.

“The Duchess of Northumberland introduced to me to a lot of ingredients - some with with aphrodisiac qualities - so I wanted to cook something that would impress and...
Airs Thursday 2 July 2015 at 8pm on SBS ONE. Luke travels to the Scottish capital before calling in at Alnwick Castle to visit the Duchess of Northumberland.

Recipes from Episode 7

Luke travels north to the delightful Isle of Bute off the West Coast of Scotland.
Travelling through Cumbria's breathtaking Lake District, Luke cooks with a cut of the delicious local sheep, Herdwick hogget, tries his hand at Haaf net fishing...
Luke travels to Wales to investigate the traditional and modern influences shaping Welsh cuisine.

Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gaté

Join Gabriel Gaté on a gastronomic journey following the route of the epic Tour de France. Airs every night of the race, from Saturday 4 July.

Stage 13 – Muret/Rodez: This is a lovely soup to add to your repertoire of dinner party entrées. If you can’t find Roquefort cheese, use another strong blue cheese...
This cycling season, French chef Gabriel Gaté is tracing the Tour de France's 21 stages throughout the Netherlands and France.

About the show

French chef Gabriel Gaté is back, for the 11th consecutive year, to present his delicious serve of Taste Le Tour, a gastronomic journey that follows the route of...
Stage 6 – Abbeville/Le Havre: This lovely, yet simple, dish makes the most of the amazing seafood Normandy has to offer. If you can’t get blue eye, use a firm,...
French chef and Tour de France culinary trekker Gabriel Gaté is back next month with the 11th series of Taste le Tour, kicking off 4 July, 2015.