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Shane Delia's Moorish Spice Journey

In his latest Spice Journey, Shane Delia discovers the Moorish roots of Moroccan and Spanish cuisine. Starts Thursday 15 October, 8pm, on SBS.

7 times Shane Delia gave us Moor

From Moroccan medinas to the kitchens of southern Spain, chef and so-called Muscle Man Shane Delia brings us more Moorish eats (and nifty kitchen hacks) in his latest...

Episode guide

Find out where Shane travels in his latest spice journey through Morocco and southern Spain.
Spice Journey's witty, well-travelled director Josh Martin gives us the inside scoop on Shane Delia and the on-site crew as they eat, drink and go a little cuckoo...
“The great thing about this soup is that it has a soft, velvety and creamy texture without actually adding any cream. B’sarra traditionally uses fava beans but...
Travelling through Morocco and Southern Spain has Shane Delia dreaming of opening a restaurant in Andalucía and fighting off arm-wrestling challenges.

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At 300 kilojoules a hit, a skim milk latte isn't doing much damage. It's the sweet side kick – a slice of banana bread, muffin or cookie – that could be tipping...
From cucumber clouds to fruit loop feathers, food stylist and illustrator Anna Keville Joyce is an expert at forming art from everyday ingredients.
SBS will dish up its fourth free-to-air channel, dedicated to the food genre, later this year.

7 reasons to go vego tonight

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