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In the latest issue of Feast, get your grill on with global barbecue recipes. Indulge in fried desserts and Matthew Evans' chocolate tartlets.

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This succulent chicken is often barbecued over charcoal for extra smokiness. With the lemony flavour of sumac, it’s the marinade that makes this Lebanese dish such a...
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If you’re looking for the ultimate Greek sweet, look no further than portokalopita. This crispy, syrupy, custardy concoction makes perfect use of Greece’s famed...
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This very sweet, very short shortcrust pastry is ridiculously buttery and almost too crazy to try to work with – except for one reason – it tastes really good! It...
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This traditional wholemeal flatbread gets its flakiness from the layers of ghee that are added to the dough as it is rolled.
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This North African dish found in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria tends to vary in each country, but generally involves a whole lamb or sheep being spit-roasted or...

Shane Delia's Spice Journey Turkey

Final episode airs Thursday, 7.30pm on SBS ONE. This week: Istanbul's culinary underbelly and baklava with a twist. Watch past episodes online now.

Check in weekly for Shane's travel diaries, in which he shares behind-the-scenes antics, and what didn't quite make it into the show.
You can’t beat a toastie – no matter what part of the world you’re from. Especially when it’s filled with truffle fava and crayfish! They’re a great way to use up...
Shane Delia's following his nose to exotic Turkey. It’s here he searches for the historical and cultural foundations of his contemporary take on Middle Eastern...
What makes Turkish baklava so good is that the first layer of pastry is spread with kaymak, a thick rich cream that adds a buttery silkiness. I would never try to...

About the show

Series Two of Shane Delia’s Spice Journey takes him to exotic Turkey. It’s here he searches for the historical and cultural foundations of his contemporary take...
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