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The main event

Go down the traditional turkey route, celebrate with seafood, or take an Aussie approach with a backyard barbie.

A toast-worthy roast

Slow-cooked lamb, crispy pork crackling, and salt and rosemary crusted potatoes. There's a lot to love about roasting, so crank up that oven!

Let's talk turkey

Whether you're cooking the whole bird, or a simpler joint, turkey is a standout centrepiece. Try our roast recipes and leftover-friendly snacks.

Toss it on the barbie

Head outside to the backyard barbie. Add skewers and stone fruit to your shrimp 'n' snag staples, and don't forget to marinate, mate!

Seafood for special occasions

Impress the guests with a rich, colourful bounty from the sea. Go for visually spectacular paella, pan-roasted snapper or more-ish prawn fritti.
Love roast potatoes? Well, this spud recipe is out-of-control ahhhh-mazing! Bite through crunchy, salty potato skins to clouds of soft, warm mash – what a...

Ditch the roast turkey?

Skip the whole roast turkey this year and begin a new tradition with these equally impressive poultry centrepieces.

A very special occasion dish which the author's mother would serve on New Year's. There are many components to the filling, and yet the result is surely worth the effort.
Vincotto is used two ways in this recipe – firstly to brush over butterflied quail while barbecuing for a crispy-skinned finish, and also to make a tasty...
A simplified version of the famed mole of Oaxaca, Mexico, this sauce is typically served with turkey as a celebration dish or on a fiesta like Day of the Dead....
There really is something exciting and magical about this recipe. You start by wrapping up a chicken in a layer of salt, you may think it’s too much salt but...
This is an Italian take on a classic Christmas ingredient, served with a semolina gnocchi, which can be cut out into creative shapes.