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Destination Flavour Singapore

Adam Liaw is back in an all-new series Thursdays at 8pm. This time he uncovers Singapore.

Airs Thursdays at 8pm on SBS and Food Network. The latest culinary series of #DestinationFlavour sees Adam Liaw travel to the small island nation of Singapore. Watch...
Singapore's artisinal coffee scene might be on the rise, but old-school kopi will never lose its charm. Learn the lingo and get your caffeine hit like a local.
Love it or hate it, durian is clouded in more controversy than a Kardashian sister. Banned from many Southeast Asian hotels and all public spaces in Singapore,...
The rainbow food trend in action in Singapore.
"Inspiration for this dish came from a number of sources: the traditional tiffin carriers come from Peranakan culture; the caramel mousse is an ode to my...

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Up to a third of all Indian restaurants could disappear.
Our love of custard, cones and crème brûlée - and some wild weather - continues to push prices sky-high.
This tasty food preservation technique may have originated in Africa - and scientists are seeing what they can learn from local traditions.
Today, February 28, is Shrove Tuesday (known in some countries as Pancake Tuesday). From stinging nettle pancakes to Korea's kimchi pancakes, here are 13 pancakes...
This is why butter, salt and water - yes, water - are your friends.

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