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In the latest issue of Feast, discover a world of pepper, try staff meals from Billy Kwong and crank up the K-Pop for a Korean dinner party.

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Victori Liong, head chef at Melbourne restaurant Lee Ho Fook says, “The twice-cooked pork belly has the flavour profiles I remember from my childhood; my mother and...
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This simple pizza works to showcase the humble potato, combined with creamy buffalo mozzarella and salty Parmesan. This recipe is great as a starter dish, or for...
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Hotteok are a popular sweet snack in Korea, often sold as street food in winter. Stuffed with various combinations of sugar and nuts, our version of these sweet...
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Though famous for producing another pantry staple, black tea, Sri Lanka is also a key producer of high quality pepper. It is an essential ingredient in Sri Lankan...
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These sweet German pies, known as weichselstrudel, have a sticky, jam-like filling of sour cherries. They’re sprinkled with sugar and flaked almonds, then baked...

Made in Italy

Episode 9 airs Thursday at 8pm on SBS ONE. Join Silvia for braised veal cannelloni, vegetarian-friendly stuffed capsicum and classic Italian cheesecake.

The people of Abruzzo seldom indulge in lavish cakes or pastries, but when the occasion calls for it, home cooks often draw on the region's ancient recipe for fiadone...
Most regions of Italy have a version of stuffed capsicum, sometimes using mince meat. This easy-to-make vegetarian offering features ricotta, egg, pecorino,...
Meaty cannelloni is a staple dish at special occasions in Italy. This recipe includes veal mince, mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce. Serve as a delicious...

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In the new series Made in Italy, Silvia Colloca – actress and author of cookbook Silvia’s Cucina – will serve up an Italy rarely seen by tourists.
Small pasta varieties, like ditalini, makes an ideal substitute for rice in risottos. This rustic dish sees the pasta mixed with chickpeas and baby clams that...
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