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Rachel Khoo meets Melbourne

Episode 3 airs Thursday at 8pm on SBS. Join Rachel for smashed figs, baked brie and easy one-pot lentils.

In this new 8-part series, Rachel Khoo immerses herself in Australia's food capital. Scroll through recipes, take our quiz and find out more about the show.
Whether you're a trend-tracker or curious epicurean, test your Food IQ and find out how much you know about Melbourne's most popular bars, diners, beers and nosh.
“Entertaining friends and family doesn’t have to be a complicated affair - a simple one-pot comfort dish can be just as impressive. The cauliflower sambal and...
There’s no shortage of fine-dining digs in Victoria’s foodie capital, but sometimes cheap eats are what truly hit the spot. Follow Rachel Khoo’s edible...
“Matt Wilkinson, chef and cookery author, has a passion for growing, sourcing and presenting the best tasting produce he can. Here he showcases figs freshly...

From the Food desk

Our pick of the best stories and recipes from SBS Food HQ this week.

Tiger in a Jar

This month in Fringe Foodies – our blog about creative types with a passion for what’s on their plate – we chat to Matt and Julie Walker, the husband and wife duo...
We stray from Tokyo’s tourist hotspots to graze on smoky yakitori, French-style ramen and coveted caramel pudding from two traditional shopping streets in south...
The Peruvian chef from Astrid y Gastón talks farming, food waste and finding gastronomic value in an anchovy.
In this week's instalment: Recycled urine, splitting hairs with the stinkiest of fruits, and perfecting the art of the Buffalo wing. Dig in.
You will have 100 chances to eat at Noma when it pops up in Sydney in January 2016.