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Our coverage of what's happening on plates locally and around the world.

He's a long way from the vibrant Diwali celebrations of his Indian childhood, but for Vikrant Kapoor, the festival remains a time for family and of course, Indian...
The price of Australian spuds is on the rise.
Jewish women around the world will gather together on one special night to take part in The Great Big Challah Bake.
With Rick Stein returning to SBS in December, we chat about Australia's most under-rated seafood, how to eat pizza and his upcoming appearance at the Margaret...
SBS is looking for passionate home cooks who want to showcase their skills in a fresh new TV cooking series

Play with your food

Don't forget food has a fun and cheeky side! 

Dade Akbar believes street food should look as good as it tastes.
Social media you've done it again and we say hello-ween to these playful trick and treats.
A little sweet touch goes a long way and these dough-y creations are guaranteed to raise your profile around that water cooler.
Dark chocolate? No thanks. And white? Don't get me started. Here are 7 and a half inarguable reasons by milk rules.
We're tipping this cool cone to be the hit of summer.

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