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The Chefs' Line airing 6pm weeknights on SBS. Watch as talented home cooks & trained restaurant chefs go head-to-head in this brand-new series.

Reducing food waste and supporting the community, The OzHarvest Market operates on a ‘take what you need, give if you can’ model. Win-win, really.
Spaghetti Bolognese is known and loved the world over, so why do many Italians dispute its existence? It's time to ask, will the REAL ragu please stand up?
In many Italian households, mamas and nonnas will wake at the crack of dawn each Sunday to prepare the weekly ragù. Here, two Calabrese cooks share their family...
In the mood for a juicy steak? Get excited about these Italian-inspired sides, because they might just be as juicy as the steak, if not juicier! #TheChefsLine
To enjoy the best Italian cuisine, it pays to know a few of the regional specialties. Writer Carla Grossetti, asks four Italian chefs to name an Italian dish that...

The Chefs' Line winning recipes

From the judges' table to yours. Recipes from the chefs and home cooks on #TheChefsLine, weeknights at 6pm. 

Polenta is a classic north Italian staple, typically served with rich hearty sauces such as ragù. I used to wake up on Sundays to my mum cooking polenta. It's not...
This a boozier version of tiramisù as I like to soak my homemade savoiardi (Italian sponge biscuits known as ladyfingers) in both marsala, which is...
The Gorgonzola sauce punches with a lot of big flavours, so I’ve paired it with a tomato salad to balance the cheese's intensity, so don’t leave it out.
These Turkish köfte are made from a combination of minced beef brisket and lamb belly for flavour and juiciness. You can cook them in a pan or over charcoal...
Legend has it that this dish was so delicious that the imam on tasting it, fainted, and so it was named "imam bayildi" meaning the "imam fainted". It's a classic...

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