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Star Trek movie munchies

Star Trek movie munchies

Everything you need to get you through SBS2's Star Trek Movie Marathon, starting on Sunday. 

Brace for impact. With nine Star Trek films crashlanding at SBS2 for a movie marathon, we take a look at the huge success of the sci-fi franchise that boldly went...
These super-sweet candy-studded cookies are quite simply outta this world!
Hot, sweet and spicy, this moreish snack will put you in battle mode – if you care to get off the couch…
It would be futile to resist our week-long Star Trek movie marathon. Keep a Vulcan Grip on the remote and settle in for a good time. Starts Sunday, presented by...
Using panko breadcrumbs to crumb the chicken results in golden crispy gloriousness. Cut the sub into Tribble or Klingon sized pieces, according to your needs.

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Men overeat to impress women

New research suggests men eat more in front of women to “show off.”
Actor, TV host and author Madhur Jaffrey delves into the creativity and cultural significance of vegetarian cooking in her homeland, India.

Should we be eating Nutella?

Australia's been so mad for Nutella this year that there have been supply shortages – but should we really be licking, spreading and making insanely rich...

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