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Men overeat to impress women

New research suggests men eat more in front of women to “show off.”
Actor, TV host and author Madhur Jaffrey delves into the creativity and cultural significance of vegetarian cooking in her homeland, India.
Taking more time to chew mightn't be the “secret to weight loss”, but this simple act could reduce your food intake and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Should we be eating Nutella?

Australia's been so mad for Nutella this year that there have been supply shortages – but should we really be licking, spreading and making insanely rich...

So Nutella, share your secrets....

Here’s what you might not know about this rich, thick Insta-feed dominating spread.


What we're eating (or thinking about eating) this week.

The always trusty and juicy tomato inspires us this week. A quick and simple way to show off some colour and wasabi in style.
Why not substitute your bread with some chargrilled eggplant and coat your lamb skewers in some garlic love. This is a must!

Rich flourless hazelnut chocolate cake

Keeping on this week's Nutella scene, is this rich, mid-week hazelnut project that is guaranteed gorge and goodness.
The salad that is all about texture, crisp and fragrant Vietnamese flavours, all combined in one bright bowl.
Ice-cream sandwiches, say no more! This delightful snack will surely get you even more excited about summertime.

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