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Venture with us to Tassie, as Matthew Evans graduates from novice farmer to restaurateur. Gourmet Farmer airs 8pm, Thursdays on SBS.

DIY cheese is easier than you think! Impress your guests with this selection of very cheesy (and homemade) offerings.
Matthew Evans has finally embraced his Welsh ancestry and finds that the country’s little-known cuisine shouldn't be overlooked.
Our online series, Harvest, is an 8-week planting guide. Watch our kitchen garden plot grow and join in a plant-along.
This is my version of the Indian classic with saag meaning greens (and we usually have a variety), and paneer being the fresh ‘cheese’ that we make in house.
Preserves, pickles, curries and casseroles - Matthew Evans has you covered when it comes to turning humble vegetables into masterpieces.

River Cottage Australia

Paul West still has a lot to learn as a rookie farmer. Weeknights 6pm.

Soft warm inside, crisp golden crumbs outside.
From our number one cake to a Bundt that's way simpler than it looks, here's how to transform the humble orange into rave-worthy desserts.
River Cottage Australia's Paul West shares how to make your own bread and pizza oven.
From lost goats to good cooking, here's what Paul West is up to.
We're obsessing just a tad about doughnut fries and coffee-custard doughnuts.

What obesity really looks like

Breaking down the myths. 3-part doco #TheObesityMyth starts 4 Sep, 7.30pm.

A conversation about our evolving attitudes towards fatness.
Adolescent Arab-Australians are among the most likely groups in the country to be classified as overweight or obese. Ruby Hamad asks if culture and genetics are to blame or whether something else is a...
And they might even help you in your own battle with the bulge.
Challenging misconceptions about obesity as a lifestyle choice, this episode features patients such as stroke victim Cara, ex-gridiron player Robert, mum Tracey, former taxi driver Leanne and boxer Hu...
Fat shaming – abuse and discrimination directed towards people who are overweight or obese – can harm a person’s health and interfere with his or her efforts to lose weight.

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