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How Thai is pad Thai?

Pad Thai may seem like an age-old dish, but it was invented just last century in a competition to find a national dish.

The lowdown: Thai cuisine

Far greater than the gamut of your local restaurant menu, Thai food is diverse in form and flavour. Carrying a symphony of sweet, spicy and tangy notes, dishes...

10 ways with sticky rice

Long, short, black and white - sticky (glutinous) rice is no ordinary rice. It's chewy texture lends itself to sweet snacks and desserts; not to mention,...

Put down the pad Thai

Give these underdog Thai noodle dishes a go. Charry with smoke from the wok, they're all crazy fast and kitchen-tested to cure hangry.
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The Chefs' Line winning recipes

From the judges' table to yours. Recipes from the chefs and home cooks on #TheChefsLine, weeknights at 6pm. 

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This version is my grandmother's recipe. It's a quite a dry pat Thai and doesn't include the traditional egg or tamarind. This is how my family ate it, so I want...
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The secret to our version of this Thai classic is the extra layers of fresh flavours - the chicken is marinated in fresh turmeric and we make our chilli oil from...
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Sambusak is a traditional pie or turnover popular in the Middle East. It can be filled with any kind of meats, vegetables and or cheese.
The best parts about sayadieh, the classic Lebanese fish and rice dish, are the caramelised onions and aromatic fish stock used to cook the rice. 
This is a traditional Lebanese fish and rice dish. One of the key elements of this dish is the rice, which needs to be cooked in an aromatic stock – saffron and...

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