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The Italians sure know how to wield their passata and here's how you can paint your plates red.
From salad greens to seasonings and even brewed in beer - this outback bush is lending its salty flavour to a diverse range of menu items.
Thank you internet! Who knew fruit and veg had so many hidden talents.
Vegetables have a sexy side! Food Safari returns with a brand-new series that explores the endless possibilities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more....

11 ways to spice up your life

It begins with potatoes and ends with love cake...

Dinner and a movie, buon appetito

Cook your Italian favourites that have been paired with our Italy On Demand collection. Recipes created in partnership with Alfa Romeo.

This Italian version or roast pork, stuffed with herbs is eaten all over Italy - with the types of flavourings varying from region to region. 
Fregola sarda (rolled balls of semolina), a specialty of Sardinia, is cooked with saffron (grown on the island) with a luxe mix of seafood. 
This pasta dish can happily be eaten on the couch watching a movie without any messy red-sauce splatters because the shape of the pasta "twisted ribbons"...
Celebrate the sweetness of tomatoes in their summer prime. Roasting caramelises their sugars, enhancing their sweetness. An array of different-sized and...
A cross between a mousse and gelato, this semi-frozen dessert is a great one for summer as you don’t need an ice-cream maker.

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