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How do you falafel?

Chickpeas or beans? Hummus or tahini? The world is divided when it comes to making this vegetarian fast food staple.
The baklava bonanza that was on #TheChefsLine was sensational and if you want more sweet offerings of the Lebanese variety, you've come to the right place.
Tabbouleh, fattoush, baklawa, hummus, falafel, and kibbeh are just a few of the Lebanese dishes Australians have come to know and love. Here are 5 lesser-known...

Bakeproof: Lebanese

How do you impress your future Lebanese mother-in-law? Bake her the recipes, steeped in cultural and family history, closest to her heart.
Turkey, Greece and Lebanon may claim baklava as their own, but who created this layered treat? Diving into the pastry’s past, we discover royal associations,...

The Chefs' Line winning recipes

From the judges' table to yours. Recipes from the chefs and home cooks on #TheChefsLine, weeknights at 6pm. 

The best parts about sayadieh, the classic Lebanese fish and rice dish, are the caramelised onions and aromatic fish stock used to cook the rice. 
This is a traditional Lebanese fish and rice dish. One of the key elements of this dish is the rice, which needs to be cooked in an aromatic stock – saffron and...
This is a very modern take on fattoush, serving beetroot three ways with a Persian feta mousse. One of the beetroots are dressed with olive oil infused with cumin...
This classic Lebanese salad, known as peasant's salad, is made with fresh vegetables and herbs with the addition of fried crispy day-old bread. I'm using my...
I've interpreted the traditional flavours and components of baklava in a modern way. Here crisp cinnamon-sugared filo shards are served with cashew nut ice-cream...

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