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This month Anneka Manning shares her baked Lebanese classics that impressed her future mother-in-law.

Bakeproof: Lebanese

How do you impress your future Lebanese mother-in-law? Bake her the recipes, steeped in cultural and family history, closest to her heart.
These simple shortbread-like biscuits, subtly scented with orange blossom water, are incredibly more-ish. They are just as good when flavoured with vanilla or...
These crisp golden pastries are filled with ashta cream – a clever Lebanese unsweetened faux clotted cream – and then drenched with a fragrant syrup. Znoud el...
There are a number of variations when it comes to kibbeh, Lebanon’s national dish. This traditional baked version is a flavoursome layering of finely minced meat,...
Traditionally deep-fried, this lighter version of the much-loved Middle Eastern falafel is baked. Teamed with a fresh herb and tomato salad and tasty tahini...

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