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Have you ever watched Portlandia (if you haven’t, you should), worn a plaid shirt, ridden a fixie or been served a craft beer by a guy with a voluminous beard? You’ll want to read our man in Portland’s report from the front line – he ate his way through the food truck scene and drank his way through their city-based distilleries.

While we’re waiting for our own Portland trip to come through, we’re enjoying late summer while it’s still warm enough for lazy weekends and dining outside. To keep you out of the kitchen, check out our Fast Feast recipes – five meals guaranteed to have a delicious dinner on the table in under half-an-hour. If you have a bit more time, crank up the K-Pop and invite friends over for our Korean dinner party – it has everything you need from starter to dessert (and a Spotify playlist, to match).

Don’t forget to share what’s been happening in your kitchen via social media.

Happy feasting!

Alix Davis


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These roasted chicken wings are caramelised in honey from the rooftop beehive we’ve installed at the Wayside Chapel (a nearby community services centre).
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These sweet German pies, known as weichselstrudel, have a sticky, jam-like filling of sour cherries. They’re sprinkled with sugar and flaked almonds, then baked...
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Victori Liong, head chef at Melbourne restaurant Lee Ho Fook says, “The twice-cooked pork belly has the flavour profiles I remember from my childhood; my mother...
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Though famous for producing another pantry staple, black tea, Sri Lanka is also a key producer of high quality pepper. It is an essential ingredient in Sri Lankan...
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Hotteok are a popular sweet snack in Korea, often sold as street food in winter. Stuffed with various combinations of sugar and nuts, our version of these sweet...
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This simple pizza works to showcase the humble potato, combined with creamy buffalo mozzarella and salty Parmesan. This recipe is great as a starter dish, or for...


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Staff meal at Billy Kwong

See what the staff at Billy Kwong eat before service begins.
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Breakfast in Penang

We explore breakfast options in the Malaysian state of Penang.
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