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If meat’s on your menu this month, you’ll love our feature on meatballs – little nuggets of comfort food that can be found all over the world in sauces, soups and salads. From Spain’s beef meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce to Vietnam’s famous pork meatball salad (with caramel cooked right in!), there’s a meatball to suit every taste.


Where food comes from and how it’s treated along the way is a topic that’s receiving an increasing amount of airtime these days. For many of us, shopping at a farmers’ market is the best we can do, but Whole Larder Love’s Rohan Anderson really took matters into his own hands a few years ago when he decided to take up ethical hunting. “An ethical hunter?” he asks. “Sounds like an oxymoron, I know. Truth be told, I started to question the ethical values and unsustainable nature of factory-farmed poultry and pork.” Read more about Rohan’s hunting trip with Ross O’Meara (of Gourmet Farmer), along with some mouth-watering recipes for venison and hare.


Sweet temptations are much-loved in the Feast office and, in this issue, we have a bejewelled pomegranate cake from Rachel Khoo, whose new show Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook airs from April 2 on SBS ONE on Thursday nights at 7.30pm, as well as six sticky syrup recipes from around the world. 


Happy feasting.

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In Britain, treacle is the generic name used to describe most sugar syrups, from golden syrup to the dark and sticky black treacle, known as molasses here. The...
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Ready in less than 30 minutes, this Korean sweet potato noodle dish is sure to earn you a few high fives.
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Visually spectacular and wonderfully wholesome, this Israeli salad teams sweet elements, such as pomegranate and raisins, with savoury partners, like roasted...
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A cultural melting pot fuelled by historical and sociological forces, Israeli cuisine draws on flavours from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa and...
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This easy and ultra-delicious snack is Malta's answer to Italian bruschetta. Slices of sourdough bread are shallow-fried then topped with tomato pesto, basil,...
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In Italian, this dish translates to ‘spaghetti of the prostitute’. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but garlic, anchovies and capers don’t seem like the most...


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The Lion City has made a name for itself as a multicultural hawker food paradise. But where the best of each can be found is often hotly debated. Eat like a...
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Staff meal at Hartsyard

See what the staff at Hartsyard eat before service begins.
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