Editor's Note

When we put our heads together for this year’s ‘make it from scratch’ issue, we knew we really wanted a supermarket chocolate bar in there. When the food team first presented me with the finished bar, I thought it was too big and that no-one would be able to eat it. Well, I proved myself wrong and managed to demolish the whole thing in a disturbingly short space of time. And I’m delighted to say that everything else we made from scratch in this issue is just as delicious.

Making things from scratch is a way of life in Mexico, a country our deputy editor Lara Picone visited recently. It was a food-based itinerary (the best kind as far as we’re concerned) and Lara was introduced to some dishes and flavours that were thrillingly new to her.

Have you been to Perth lately? We enlisted local food blogger Mei Leong to take us on a tour of what the golden West has to offer – it’s a lot more than sundowners on the beach! Join her delicious city eats guide and read her insider’s tips.

Where have you travelled – and eaten – recently? We’d love to hear about it via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Happy feasting!

Alix Davis


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Sandor Katz Q&A

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Mhancha, a traditional Moroccan pastry filled with almonds and perfumed with orange-blossom water, is the perfect way to finish off your Moroccan banquet....
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These iceblocks are a sweet, sour and spicy Mexican sweet made using just three ingredients. You will need 6 iceblock moulds and sticks.
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Mohinga (fish noodle soup) may be the national dish in Myanmar, but the comforting ohn-no khaut swe is just as loved. Its name, translating to "coconut milk...
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Gochujang is a spicy Korean condiment, also known as hot pepper paste. It is used in a wide range of Korean dishes, from bibimbap to tteokbokki to fried chicken!...
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Often, the best stir-fries are the simplest ones, with just a few well-balanced flavours. Try making your own hoisin, as we have done here, or use store-bought...
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A simple dish inspired by the fantastic variety of foods available at the Adelaide Central Markets. This omelette is packed with texture and spice and is great...
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