Line them up

The Chefs' Line airing 6pm weeknights on SBS. Watch as talented home cooks & trained restaurant chefs go head-to-head in this brand-new series.

Need a reason to throw a taco party? This is the perfect reason to get your toppings and guac on.
Avocado toast is getting all the attention on Instagram, but we reckon good ol' guacamole is always a winner.
A spicy dinner followed by a night of odd dreams - is there a link? Well, the answer is complicated...
Is there an ‘authentic’ Mexican cuisine? Turns out, it’s not that simple.
Fresh, flavourful and rainbow-hued, Mexican cuisine is far tastier and healthier than what Tex-Mex imposters lead us to believe. Here's the 101 on key ingredients...
A fresh & flavourful fiesta

Here's the 101 on key ingredients, authentic eats, and handy hints for mastering Mexican.

Cook the recipes

A soft fresh corn tortilla is just as important as the fillings. Slow-cooked spiced beef is paired with classic sides: guacamole, roasted salsa and slaw.

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