Sweet eat: Cheesecake

Combine your love of dairy and dessert with a decadent cheesecake. Go traditional – Italian ricotta-style – or spice things up with a green tea glaze.

My son Juju rates this an 11 out of 10. 
This simple cheesecake consists of a creamy cheese filling and a crumbly crushed biscuit coating. You will need a 20 cm springform cake pan for this recipe.
Featured as part of our Cooks and their Books series, this recipe comes courtesy of Will Ricker from The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook. While this luscious...
Light citrus cheesecakes are a common sight across Italy, where they are made with ricotta in place of cream cheese. The case also differs, made with sweet pastry...
This dish can also be jazzed up into a slightly special catering-for-brunch meal.

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