Lebanese Cuisine


Sahteyn' is a word you will often hear in a Lebanese home - loosely translated it means 'twice your health' - a form of welcome to join a family and share delicious food. And this is some of the most exquisite food in the world.

Lebanese cuisine is generous and abundant. The reason is the age-old tradition of hospitality which exists - your host will never believe you don't have just a bit more room for something utterly delicious that's been prepared with love.

In a Lebanese household, food is life and sharing it is one of the great joys of being alive. And even for simple dinners at home, there are a variety of dishes on the table, the meal starting with small portions known as mezza which centres around dips and salads.
As well as having great variety, Lebanese food is one of the freshest and most delicious on the planet. Lamb is the meat of choice and appears in many dishes including kafta in which minced lamb is rolled into sausage shapes and cooked on the barbecue or in the oven.

Sweets are pure artwork, as a visit to one of the palaces of Lebanese sweets will attest – there are many variations of filo pastry combined with nuts and syrup; there are creamy sweets filled with a clotted cream called ashta plus melting shortbread sometimes filled with a date paste or nuts and much more. Sweets are generally served separately to a meal with black coffee or tea.

So, Sahteyn - welcome to a great cuisine.


Lebanese Restaurants

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Restaurant Suburb
1. El Bahsa Newtown
2. No No's Red Hill
3. Abla's Carlton
4. Almazett Caulfield North
5. Dunyazad Balwyn North
6. Kanzaman Richmond
7. Samsara Mt Waverley
8. Summerland Bankstown
9. Almustafa Glebe
10. El-Manara Lebanese Restaurant Lakemba


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