Tuesday, 9 Sep 14

Whose rights win out in surrogacy arrangements?

  • Great show. As a long term sufferer of OCD I was very impressed with Ellie.
  • This disorder is mentally exhausting and hard to cope with sometimes. It does bother me when people use the term 'OCD' so casually.
  • thanks for tonights a person with no disabilities I found it a real eye opener to the difficulties faced by disabled people in the workforce.
  • Workplaces need to devote more time to this area, and start to value people with disabilities.
  • where is the social responsibility of companies and government departments. that only 3 percent of the workforce has a disability is despicable
  • I love the multiculturalism we have and share in Australia. If you choose to leave this very lucky country, to fight a battle that we, as a nation a...
  • I think there are so many separate issues and most are confused and mixed up by 99% of Australians, Christians and Muslims alike.
  • If young Australian muslims want to go and fight overseas, as a democracy why is this shunned upon while its okay for Israeli youths to join the Israe...
  • Heidi, what's wrong being called 'That new asian girl'? I am asian and I don't have a problem with people calling me 'that asian dude'.
  • No one should change or cover their faces because of what other people say.
  • if any woman or man wishes to change their appearance by means of plastic surgery, so what ? why make such a big deal out of it ?

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