Beauty Race

Tuesday, 5 Aug 14

I'm not trying to look Western. I just want to look more defined - Glenda

  • Exploring the 'reason of living' is the first key in the helping process.
  • A very touching and productive show, I could not stop watching. You all spoke so well and with such empathy my heart ached, I am sure what you have sa...
  • Thanks for the courage all the men showed in this episode. As a man who has been to the brink, I know what it is to face my own demons.
  • Great programme wonderful insights into the mind of champions!
  • Actually, I just realised the 10k concept was designed for sport... what about academic learning?
  • Hard work trumps talent if talent does not work hard.
  • While I think it is great for Kristy that she has achieved a good result I was appalled at her combative and argumentative attitude towards the doctor...
  • The concept of providing such a potentially life saving therapy and resurrecting the life, health and spirituality of people is what medicine is all a...
  • Everyone needs to make their own decision but make a decision YOU made through proper research and not rely on non professionals who may or may not be...
  • Violence is never ok. Small children are to be nurtured not traumatised & abused.
  • there is a difference in smacking and Bashing! a smack is fine when children, off spring, do not listen to what we say!

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