Youth unemployment indicates a lack of economic opportunity for younger people. What is the rate of youth unemployment where you live?

By Kenneth Macleod
Friday, 22nd May 2015

Youth unemployment indicates a lack of economic opportunity for young people, and youth unemployment can have negative implications later in life.
For example in the rural population centre of Shepparton, Victoria, youth joblessness is particularly high at 19.2 per cent, compared with 15.1 per cent for the state.

Take a look at youth unemployment rates across Australia and where you live.

Shaded areas in the map below reveal the relative differences in regional youth unemployment rate estimates. The areas presented are the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Statistical Area Level 4 geography standard. There are 88 SA4s in Australia,

The charts underneath the map visualise unemployment statistics from 1999 to April 2015 for states and capital cities. You can also view statistics for particular SA4 regions by hovering over the map.

Australia | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth | Hobart | Darwin | Canberra

The youth unemployment rate by ABS Statistical Region 4 (SA4) as of April 2015.

The below charts show youth unemployment levels from 1999 to April, 2015.

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All of Australia

New South Wales

Greater Sydney

Rest of NSW


Greater Melbourne

Rest of Victoria


Greater Brisbane

Rest of Queensland

Western Australia

Greater Perth

Rest of Western Australia

South Australia

Greater Adelaide

Rest of SA


Greater Hobart

Rest of Tasmania

Norther Territory


Rest of NT

Notes & Cautions: These youth unemployment estimates are smoothed using a 12 month average to minimise the variability inherent in area estimates. Disaggregated estimates of the unemployment rate can display significant variability and should be viewed with caution.