Filthy Rich & Homeless

Are you a teacher? Check out the Filthy Rich and Homeless schools resources, including 'Choose your own path': An interactive classroom experience.

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We're looking for a creative educator to work with us on curriculum-aligned classroom resources around the 3rd series of Small Business Secrets.
There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding homelessness. Take this quiz to test your knowledge.
Open to young Australians aged 4-18 years who are learning a language other than English. Enter from 9:00am on 24 July until midnight on 1 September 2017.

Face Up To Racism at School

Use this teachers resource to explore race and prejudice with your class.
For the Love of Meat

Engage your class with these teaching resources around Matthew Evans' For the Love of Meat.

Subjects include Geography and Design & Technology for Years 9-10.

Learn Quicktabs

Innovative online tool visually pairs Indigenous place names and meanings for over 1000 locations across the state.
The trade of food is fascinating, and even more fascinating is how food is integrated into Indigenous Songlines.
Is it all about the boy bands, the Kardashians and Snapchat for our young ones today?
In an Australian first, television show Little J & Big Cuz targets a young Indigenous audience and offers an insight into traditional Aboriginal culture, country...
While Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers are significantly underrepresented in schools and universities, encouraging initiatives are aiming to bring...
Why are Australians today so deeply attached to commemorating our First World War efforts and the cluster of beliefs we call the ‘ANZAC legend’?
NITV asks Former Attorney General and politician Michael Lavarch, OA why he thinks this may be the case.
After watching 'First Contact', want to learn about Indigenous Australia? The staff at NITV have compiled a handy list of things you can do to find out more.

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