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Unleash the natural forces of K'gari to destroy one of Australia's first fake news stories with an exciting new classroom resource based on an interactive...

You Are Here

Take the discussion from the TV screen into the classroom with these short clips from the powerful NITV documentaries Occupation: Native and Connection to Country...
Winners announced for the Sunshine photography competition.
Open to young Australians aged 4-18 years who are learning a language other than English. Enter from 9:00am on 24 July until midnight on 1 September 2017.
For the Love of Meat

Engage your class with these teaching resources around Matthew Evans' For the Love of Meat.

Subjects include Geography and Design & Technology for Years 9-10.

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Australia's language diversity hotspots, where five different languages are common in a single small area, have been revealed by new Census data.
Find out more about the people who make up your area.
Diversity in the Australian community is flourishing, according to fresh Census data.
Almost 40 per cent of racial attacks occur in public spaces, yet almost half of us are too unsure – or unwilling – to intervene. Dilvin Yasa explains how to react...
Award-winning illustrator Sam Wallman examines the human side of an industrial issue with his unique graphic essay on the end of the Australian Auto Industry.
Australian-Sikh spoken word artist Sukhjit Khalsa gives us the short on her long hair and what is means to be a 'fully Sikh' young woman. Sukhjit is 1 of 10...
This interactive displays the list of candidates that want to represent you in parliament. There are entries for both the House of Representatives, and a longer...

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