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Meet the eight aspiring photographers of the Sunshine Photo Project.

You Are Here

Take the discussion from the TV screen into the classroom with these short clips from the powerful NITV documentaries Occupation: Native and Connection to Country...


Unleash the natural forces of K'gari to destroy one of Australia's first fake news stories with an exciting new classroom resource based on an interactive...
For the Love of Meat

Engage your class with these teaching resources around Matthew Evans' For the Love of Meat.

Subjects include Geography and Design & Technology for Years 9-10.

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From homeopathic remedies to ecology, Indigenous Sciences need more protection.
Australia celebrates the contributions made by science to the world we live in during National Science Week.
How technology helps in a humanitarian crisis.
From flipped classrooms to increased environmental awareness and using Minecraft as a teaching tool, Australia could do well to learn from these education...
A cyber schoolyard and masterclasses with human rights lawyers and astrophysicists are all part of everyday life at virtual school Aurora College.
"In evolutionary terms, the only thing that can cause a sensory mismatch like that is a neurotoxin or poison."
Tonight's story time is brought to you by an astronaut from the International Space Station.
When modern scientists learn about the meteorological, astronomical and geographical knowledge that has been passed down in Aboriginal culture, they are often...

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