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André Téchiné perfectly captures the confusion of teenage attraction and repulsion in this French coming-of-age film.
Attraction and repulsion are often close cousins, especially during that confusing teenage time when hormones rage and sexual longing is mixed with self-loathing. André Téchiné’s Being Seventeen captures the contradictions of this age perfectly,...
A nightmarish journey to the dark side of '80s Australia.
Introducing the Australian premiere of his latest film, Hounds of Love, at the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Stephen Curry began with an apology. “I apologise in advance if anyone expected The Castle. This isn’t The Castle.”
The sudden death of a 17-year-old boy affects a network of family members, medical professionals and organ recipients in this beautiful and sensitive drama.
Stories about organ transplants are inherently melodramatic: one person’s tragic death gives another person miraculous life. As a filmmaker, it would be easy to overplay emotion or resort to cliché in the telling of such tales. But Heal the...
SBS On Demand: Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi collection

Propel yourself into another galaxy with these other-worldly Sci-Fi stories.