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A rare, humanist Western, where finality is the true villain.
The haunting neo-Western Hell or High Water unfolds in present-day West Texas, where bank-robbing brothers (played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster) target small branches of the Texas Midlands Bank in tiny towns separated by miles of desert and...
The adaptation of Helen Garner's book offers a realistic and distressing account of true events.
Canberra, that artificial city built in the middle of the Australian bush, plays a pivotal role in this disturbing film based on Helen Garner’s 2004 nonfiction book of the same name. It’s as if Canberra itself – clean, bureaucratic and often...
At least the trailer was good.
“What happens if the next Superman becomes a terrorist?”
Ivan Sen's return to his outback antihero is its own conflicted experience
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Right from the first frames, director Ivan Sen makes it absolutely clear he has a lot on his mind. He’s not the patient type, either.
Shane Black’s latest film is uneven at times, but standout performances from Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe help keep it a fun ride.
The essence of The Nice Guys is all there in the movie’s musical intro, which features the three-note, plucked-bass overture of The Temptations’ “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.” Like the song, the film that follows is definingly ’70s, a little funky,...