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A rollicking feminist superhero tale that will inspire a thousand costume parties.
Throw a costume party with a superhero theme, and most of the women will turn up dressed as Wonder Woman. The reason is simple: not only is the Amazonian princess, demigoddess and founding member of DC Comics Justice League a drop-dead gorgeous...
China’s big attempt to break into the international blockbuster market is safe and sturdy – qualities better suited to a wall than an epic.
China’s most expensive film production ever was also, briefly, one of its most controversial: when Matt Damon was announced in the lead role, many assumed fantasy epic The Great Wall would be yet another case of Hollywood “whitewashing”.
The Force is at half-strength in this one.
Rogue One, the second Star Wars movie since the Lucasfilm studio was bought by Disney, is a film of two very distinct parts. The first is basically what we’ve come to expect from a Star Wars movie: our rough-around-the-edges lead gets drawn into...
'Harry Potter' offshoot packs a lot in, offers room to improve
It only takes one word to scare a fantasy film fan: “prequel”. Years of bitter experience has shown that, more often than not, prequels mean lazy storytelling, bloated run times, and the unmistakable feeling that making a buck was the first thing...
Dressing up familiar formula is a matter of smoke and mirrors.
Doctor Strange is the first Marvel movie named after the lead character’s real name. That is, in this film Benedict Cumberbatch starts out playing a regular, if very skilled, neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange; if it was named after his superhero...

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