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A good (just shy of great) ethical melodrama that doubles as an act of contrition.
Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, which premiered today at the 73rd International Venice Film Festival, is the first movie Gibson has directed since Apocalypto, 10 years ago (a film he'd already shot before the scandals that engulfed him), and this...
No winners in story of vindictive victory.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: At first the screen is dark and all we hear is heavy breathing, the kind that suggests an animal lying in wait. Like so much in this deeply unsettling film, the effect is rattling, claustrophobic, and rather punishing. What ...
Low-key approach is a vital part of the story
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First-look review from 2015 Telluride Film Festival
(Variety.com) - For those who subscribe to the generally held view that the late co-founder of Apple was both an iconic visionary and a monster with a silicon chip where his heart should be, rest assured that writer Aaron Sorkin, director Danny...
The 'Best of Enemies' documentary about the Buckely-Vidal debates could be the saddest film of the year.
You might see a film about William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal’s ten televised debates during the 1968 presidential conventions as an opportunity to bask in eloquent, pointed repartee. You might also enjoy the spectacle of two of the foremost...

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