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The controversial Cannes film will screen in Australia uncut.

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Gaspar Noe's new movie 'pushes the envelope even further than Nymphomaniac'.
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Spielberg and Coens a winning combination
Moviegoers are a suspicious lot. I’ve been suggesting to whoever will listen that Bridge of Spies is a must-see film and in return I get side-ways glances, probably because the sell on the thing is so off-putting.
Solid performances and period perfection outweigh the patchy narrative
The Dressmaker opens with aerial shots of perfectly geometrical golden wheat-fields, crisscrossed by the straight lines of boundaries and roads. It’s like an artist’s cartoon version of Australian agriculture. Zooming in, a silver Pioneer bus...
First-look review
There are two good reasons to make what might otherwise seem an inessential new biopic of Ronnie and Reggie Kray -- and both of them, as it happens, take the formidable form of Tom Hardy. Playing both the infamously savage Cockney crime lords in...
What if you had an unwanted friend who thought you owed them and what if they wouldn’t take the hint? This is old-fashioned suspense in the best sense.
In The Gift Joel Edgerton hides his good looks and cuddly charm inside a guy for whom such qualities are a mystery and a lost hope. He plays Gordo, a security guard who moonlights as a trivia host. He has the beaten down air of someone who has...
'Victoria' is an electrifyingly intense one-take ride.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: German actor turned director-writer Sebastian Schipper’s virtuoso single-take story of a wild night out in Berlin is an exhilarating blast.