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What if you had an unwanted friend who thought you owed them and what if they wouldn’t take the hint? This is old-fashioned suspense in the best sense.
In The Gift Joel Edgerton hides his good looks and cuddly charm inside a guy for whom such qualities are a mystery and a lost hope. He plays Gordo, a security guard who moonlights as a trivia host. He has the beaten down air of someone who has...
'Victoria' is an electrifyingly intense one-take ride.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: German actor turned director-writer Sebastian Schipper’s virtuoso single-take story of a wild night out in Berlin is an exhilarating blast.
Rip-off remake is haunted by its original
It's one of those half forgotten facts that in 1982 on first release, Poltergeist got some pretty nasty reviews that praised its technique and blasted it for lacking soul.
Worth the wait.
First, an admission, or maybe it is a declaration of principles. I am a shameless, dedicated follower of the Road Warrior. Which is to say that Mad Max (1979) was as important to me as say Breathless (1960) was to an earlier generation.
RoboCop meets Jar Jar Binks
By David Edelstein