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Ivan Sen's return to his outback antihero is its own conflicted experience
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Right from the first frames, director Ivan Sen makes it absolutely clear he has a lot on his mind. He’s not the patient type, either.
Jodie Foster's financial industry thriller is a short-term investment.
In Jodie Foster’s Money Monster, George Clooney harnesses all of his movie personas to play a slick cable TV infotainer who enhances his stock tips with back-up dancers and hyperbole.
Shane Black’s latest film is uneven at times, but standout performances from Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe help keep it a fun ride.
The essence of The Nice Guys is all there in the movie’s musical intro, which features the three-note, plucked-bass overture of The Temptations’ “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.” Like the song, the film that follows is definingly ’70s, a little funky,...
Leave the boos to the ghosts.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Olivier Assayas’ Personal Shopper is an existential ghost story for people who say they don’t like scary movies. Difficult to classify, it takes a genre plot about a haunted house and plonks it within a story of urban...
The biggest weakness the Marvel movies have had over the last eight or so years has been a distinct lack of A-grade villains. Loki is almost a good guy now; the Red Skull is MIA; everyone else has been forgettable foes who won’t be back. Captain...