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Sun 04 May

One night at a party in Paris, Boris (Mathieu Amalric), a young filmmaker, and Marilyne (Hélène Fillières), a young executive, play at being lovers when they’ve barely met. They then fall in love for real.

Five years later"¦ Marilyne, accompanied by Boris and their children, goes to Baléares on a professional trip. Just when Boris, fed up with being a house-husband, is about to leave her, Marilyne falls in love with someone else and disappears.

Five years later"¦ Marilyne reappears deep in the heart of the Pyrénées, overseeing a group of Americans attending a 'resourcing" workshop. She realises that the man who’s just revealed the mysteries of black grouse mating to her is none other than Boris. Just as they did a few years before, playing at people who knew each other when they didn’t, they now play at being strangers when in fact they know each other very well.

UPDATED 10:36 AM - 21 Apr 2014


1 hour 56 min