Based on the novel by Elliot Perlman, Three Dollars tells the story of Eddie (David Wenham), a family man with a wife (Frances O'Connor) and young daughter. Eddie works as a land assessor for the government and seemingly has a happy and ideal middle-class life. But when the economic climate hits home and Eddie loses his job, he quickly discovers how delicate his so-called perfect life actually was...


Three Dollars is a refreshingly honest and compassionate film that highlights the economic and idealistic struggles of a decent man in an amoral world. It mirrors similar themes to last year's Tom White, but explores more deeply the collapse of the family unit. Wenham delivers an understated yet strong performance as Eddie, and the chemistry with Frances O'Connor is electrifying. Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik gives a striking performance as daughter Abby, and one of the films highlights has to be Wenham's dance to the music of Joy Division. This film made me wonder if love could tear us apart.

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1 hour 54 min