Washington's stellar performance saves airline drama from choppy plot.
The seemingly fatal downward trajectory of Captain Whip Whittaker’s Atlanta-bound SouthJet Flight 227 is certainly the most spectacular and nerve-shredding descent in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight, but it is by no means the only one experienced in the...
Runaway train thriller wisely stays on the rails.
Despite being about a runaway train that’s menacingly filmed from low angles, as if it’s an armoured predator in search of prey, Unstoppable may be the most contained and sedate feature seasoned filmmaker Tony Scott has cut in years.
The religious fervour is easy to dismiss, but the Hughes Bros seem more devoted to the Scripture of the Screen.
In the Hughes Brothers bizarre The Book of Eli the world is smeared in a smoky flaky dust. All bright colours have been drained away. Like The Road, the setting is the US after Armageddon. In John Hillcoat’s excellent film the mood was creepy,...