Josh (David Wenham) and Cin (Susie Porter) meet at a party, but it's not until they share a cab home that a meaningless one night stand seems like a good idea. Josh, a photographer, is on his way back to London in three days, and Cin.. well, she fancies him. They like it so much they decide to make it a two night stand. But then complications set in as their unattached emotions seem to be getting attached.

3 days in the life of a 1 night stand.

Joshua (David Wenham) and Cynthia or Cin (Susie Porter) share a cab home from a party and an easy no commitment night of sex. The next day he makes it to the nearest telephone booth to ring to see if he can come back. Their gradually developing intimacy which is marked by a wary cynicism is punctuated by bouts of increasingly enjoyable sex. A Greek chorus of friends - his and hers - comment on the details of their relationship and both Joshua and Cin share their thoughts directly with us, the audience... This contemporary romance is insightful and funny, it`s the work of writer/director Jonathan Teplitsky and he seems to have a real understanding of women and their sexuality. But his insight into the wariness with which both sexes enter into relationships these days is the real core of the film. Most of it takes place in Cin`s apartment, it`s not a film that shreiks excess, but Teplitsky cleverly uses Garry Phillips` excellent cinematography to create a touching intimacy and a sense of real sexiness without a hint of pornography. He`s also blessed with outstanding performances from both David Wenham and Susie Porter, both bring something real and quintessentially Australian to their roles. This is yet another very entertaining and satisfying Oz film in the year 2000, it`s been a top year.Davids Comments Two superlative performances distinguish this intelligent and well observed film about a one-night stand that lingers on. Funny and insightful, this is an assured directorial debut and delightful experience on every level.