Jimi (Lambert) is a computer programmer who has just finished a new game, called Nirvana. But he is shocked to discover that Solo, the protagonist of Nirvana, has developed self-awareness. Solo tires of being forced to enact the same scenario again and again, and asks Jimi to shut the game down before it is made available to the public and has to live his hellish existence forever. But in order to do so, Jimi will have to recruit the services of a mysterious hacker to get into his company\'s files, where Nirvana is stored.

A successful computer-game designer, finds that his latest product has been infected by a virus...

Nirvana stars Christopher Lambert as Jimi, a games programmer for the giant Okosama Starr Corporation ... he`s expected to deliver one game a year at Christmas time ... but three days before Christmas Jimi is experiencing creator`s block with his latest game Nirvana ... his mind keeps going back to Lisa, the girl he loved who left him a year ago, and one of the characters he`s created - Solo (Diego Abatantuono) - has realised he`s not real and begs Jimi to delete him. Jimi`s search for Lisa and for a solution to Solo`s dilemma takes him on a cyber road journey that is surreal ...Nirvana is an hallucinatory experience - it`s hard keeping up with all the characters and with the experiences created in this gigantic computer game of a film. There`s not a lot of fun here, although there is occasional humour with Solo but Christopher Lambert`s Jimi is a pretty depressed person. You get the feeling that despite the attempts at humour, Salvatores approached Nirvana with a seriousness that deflates a lot of enthusiasm you might develop.