A suspect sought over a fatal gun attack at a mall in Washington state has been captured, police say.
Three men have been taken to hospital after the crane they were working on collapsed on a 60 metre-high building in North Sydney.
Determined to make a difference in his newly adopted country, Arsene Bounda has recently graduated from Victoria's police academy.
The world's biggest conference on the international wildlife trade got underway Saturday in Johannesburg, but African countries lashed out at Western charities...
A social media firestorm that forced Disney to withdraw a movie costume amid accusations it represented "brown face" shows Pacific islanders will no longer accept...
Charlotte police released body camera and dashboard videos on Saturday showing the fatal shooting of a black man that triggered protests in the North Carolina...
A trial program introduced at a school in the regional NSW town of Tamworth is helping Indigenous students complete high school, and secure employment afterwards.

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Three shooters on loose in Baltimore

A father and his three-year-old daughter are among eight victims who have been shot in the US city of Baltimore.
Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected leader of the UK Labour Party, increasing the mandate which he first won a year ago.
The attacks on civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo amount to a "breach of international humanitarian law," top EU officials said, as the UN Security Council...
Communities in central western NSW are bracing for major flooding on Sunday, but they are most worried about the long-term impact
Donald Trump has threatened to bring Bill Clinton's former mistress, Gennifer Flowers, to the presidential candidiates' debate with rival Hillary Clinton.
Thousands of people in Mexico City have protested against a government proposal to legalise same-sex marriage.
Cypriot leaders meeting UN chief Ban Ki-moon in New York on Sunday hope to gain a "road map" leading to an agreement by the end of 2016 for reunifying the island,...

Cultural Perspectives

A series of stories aimed at busting the myths around religion, cultural practices and sacred texts.

What exactly is Sharia law? And is it in conflict with the Australian way of life?
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is predicted to rival Christianity in terms of global population by 2050. But, despite popular perception,...
What are burqas and niqabs, and why are they worn?
Anti-Muslim activists often cite violent passages from the Qur'an and other sacred Islamic texts to prove Islam is a violent religion. But how do these claims...
The different interpretations of 'Jihad'

US Votes

The best of SBS' coverage of the race to the White House.

Hillary Clinton has a four-percentage point lead over Donald Trump heading into the upcoming first presidential debate.
The US system is democracy in action with many flaws, writes Brendon O'Connor.
The first lady says she has 'no sympathy' for Melania Trump, who was accused of plagiarising a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.
US President Barack Obama says Donald Trump shows no interest in even gaining the rudimentary knowledge required to make really hard decisions.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to sue The New York Times for its "really disgusting" behaviour but won't provide details.
A look back at the first black US President, before he bows out of the White House.
Hillary Clinton released new information about her health Wednesday as she recuperated from a diagnosis of 'mild, non-contagious' pneumonia, with her doctor...

Finetta's life at home

A 6.2-magnitude hit central Italy on Wednesday, leaving more than 150 dead and reducing towns across the region to rubble.
Louisiana has faced epic flooding, with at least seven people killed and thousands evacuated to emergency shelters after waterways in the southern part of the state overflowed their banks.

Who's Who in the Hip Op Crew?

Meet Mi$$y Ro Yo, Kara Bang Bang, Big Deal and the rest of the world's oldest hip-hop crew.

On Location in Sicily

Aela Callan and the Dateline crew captured not only the story of the anti-mafia fight in Sicily, but also the sights and sounds of this Mediterranean island.
Dozens of protesters both for and against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have faced off at the opening of the Republican National Convention in the state of Ohio.

Bastille Day attack

At least 60 people are dead and 100 injured in the French city of Nice after a truck ploughed into a crowd in what officials and witnesses say was a deliberate attack.

Behind the Scenes: Gaza Life

Reporter Brett Mason and producer Will West spent just over a week filming in Gaza for Dateline. These behind the scenes photos offer more insight into daily life there.
Australians have turned out around the country to cast their votes in this year's election and eat some sausages.
Passengers and staff were left shocked and shaken at Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Turkey's biggest airport, after two explosions and gunfire left at least 36 people dead and about 150 injured.