In a world exclusive for SBS, reporter Luke Waters has sat down for a one-on-one interview with the man at the centre of the Syrian conflict - President Bashar al...

PM defiant on Medicare freeze

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull insists his GP rebate freeze does not justify doctors charging hefty co-payments.
A new poll shows 7 per cent of Leave voters regret their decision and a majority of Britons think the UK economy and global position are worse post-Brexit.
A US gun shop's plan to raffle off an assault riffle to raise money for victims' families after the Orlando shootings has been slammed by many on social media.
A US judge has made a last-minute decision to block a Mississippi law permitting those with religious objections to deny wedding services to same-sex couples and...
Strategists in both camps agree Labor will come up short of the 4.5 per cent swing and the net 19 seats it needs to win government on Saturday.
The wife of an ISIS terrorist has received a suspended jail term for trying to supply him with clothes and toiletries to help him fight in Syria.

Vote 2016

All the news, views and analysis from the 2016 federal election campaign trail.

Tony WIndsor says he would never say never to making another political comeback if he's defeated in the election on Saturday.
Political activist group Transparency International Australia says the country's major political parties have responded poorly to questions it asked concerning...
The rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme needs to give further consideration to members of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds,...
Labor leader Bill Shorten has told SBS World News there is “no case” for a merger of the SBS and the ABC and also ruled out funding cuts to the public...
Some voters say they're now more likely to support independents or minor parties and that a hung parliament would be a 'good thing,' an exclusive SBS-commissioned...
The Australian Medical Association says voters should carefully consider the policies of the Health Australia Party, particularly their stance on vaccines and...
More than 15 million people look set to cast their ballots during Saturday's federal election. There will also be a large number of non-citizens who will again...

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The deputy tactical commander at the Lindt siege has has told an inquest of a similar incident which police instead ended on their terms.
Turkish authorities have blamed IS for the co-ordinated attack by three assailants late on Tuesday on Ataturk Airport which killed 42 people.
Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian teenager who allegedly stabbed an Israeli girl to death while she slept in her bed in the West Bank.
Australian mother Sally Faulkner has been charged with kidnap, while a 60 Minutes crew will be fined after the bungled abduction attempt in Beirut.
The shock outcome of the June 23 referendum has led to massive political upheaval, with warnings about the country's economic future and fears about the very...
New national figures show nearly six in 10 women aged 20-69 had a Pap test in 2014-2015.
A Melbourne teenager who once faced a high-profile terror charge says he shouldn't have to wear a tracking device any longer.

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If you are claiming more than you should on work expenses or your investment property, there is an increasing chance the Australian Taxation Office will catch you.
For the first time in more than 40 years, leaders of the European Union met without British representation on Wednesday. They agreed the country must accept the...
How the current civil war started, who's fighting, who the world is lining up behind and how it will end.
He was a British-trained ophthalmologist, with no political ambitions. ...
A father-to-be and a son rushing to pick up his mother were among those who lost their lives after suicide bombers attacked Istanbul's main international airport.
Jo Lill was a child of forced adoption, but through persistence and understanding a reunion with her birth mother and father became possible. Here, she writes of...
SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
Passengers and staff were left shocked and shaken at Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Turkey's biggest airport, after two explosions and gunfire left at least 36 people dead and about 150 injured.
Mass events at iconic world landmarks help to kick off the second United Nations International Yoga Day as people around the world take part in celebrations.
In 2015, more than 65 million people were forcibly displaced by war, conflict, persecution and human rights abuses, the UNHCR says.
Scenes of grief and support emerge from around the world following a mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida where 50 people have died and more are injured.
Hillary Clinton has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic US presidential nomination. Here's a look at her life and career, in pictures.
Weeks of protests in Kenya have escalated into violence as the government and opposition argue about reforming the country's electoral commission.
Sydney's northern beaches are reeling after the 'worst storms in 40 years' hit the area, while Tasmanian residents remain on high alert as flooding continues.
Go behind the scenes with Steve Chao and the crew filming with president-elect Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines.