Indonesian police suspect four people arrested over a bomb plot have links to a terrorist network run from Syria.
South Korea’s parliament has just passed a motion to determine whether Park Geun-hye should be impeached. But thousands of protesters feel it’s not just the top...
Qantas has confirmed it will operate non-stop flights on its new 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft between Perth and London from March 2018.
No group has claimed responsibility for the blast that killed 29 people outside a stadium in Turkey, as one-day of mourning is declared.
Brexit opponents are going to the High Court in an effort to keep Britain in the single market, The Sunday Times reports.
South Korea remains on alert for any attempt by the North to take advantage of political turmoil in the South.
There is one dream driving the hundreds of migrants living in below zero conditions in dank and sparse abandoned warehouses in Bulgaria - that Europe will open...

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IT companies are reaching out to support the development of programming skills for people with autism.
Colombia's peace deal is a model for countries at war like Syria, President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday as he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize, though a...
A 3.2-metre-long great white shark has been caught in a new shark net at Ballina and four others were captured nearby.
Conservative MP Cory Bernardi has described the payment of welfare to wives of polygamous men as political correctness gone mad.
Rescue workers says at least 200 bodies have been removed from the debris of a collapsed church building in southern Nigeria.
Gambia's president-elect says the ousted long-ruling president can't reject the nation's first vote in more than 50 years.
A train in Bulgaria carrying propylene has derailed and exploded killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more.

In focus: Migration

Highlights from SBS' coverage of migration-related issues.

For those interested in a life in Australia, there's more than one way to migrate here, but not all of them are permanent.
Here's what you need to know about Australia's 457 temporary skilled worker program.
A Bangladeshi doctor and her two children are facing deportation after her daughter's developmental delay lead to the rejection of their application to stay in...
In a new deal between Australia and China, a 10-year visa that allows for multiple entries will be trialled for Chinese tourists.
The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia says a call from the Productivity Commission to reevaluate visas for the parents of immigrants is ...
Disabled support workers claim Canberra’s disabled community will suffer because the Immigration Department is not reversing its denial of their visas.
Every year, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of work, family, student and migrant visas – many will be successful...

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What began as a simple sewing-circle for women in Melbourne's South Sudanese community, has transformed into a budding enterprise fusing culture, fashion and opportunity.
A Christmas advertisement for Polish auction website Allegro has attracted more than seven million YouTube views in 10 days.
The Australian National Imams Council has denied media reports that it called on Muslim parents to boycott children's show Peppa Pig.
Which countries have introduced a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme? Check our quick guide.
Bacon has been strewn across a Muslim prayer room at a southwest Sydney hospital.
Here's a look at the countries around the world that have either banned face veils or are in the process of implementing them.
Corporate wrongdoers may avoid public scrutiny for several more years, after the Government failed to provide a timeframe for the introduction of its register of...

In focus: Australia's First People

The shocking truth about non-Indigenous Australia is that many people mistakenly assume that Indigenous Australians coast through life, receiving privileges and benefits. Bronwyn Carlson busts this my...
A Sydney-based yoga organisation is fusing Indian and Indigenous yoga traditions, incorporating the spirit of Aboriginal Australia into the ancient practice.
More than 30 per cent of Australia has been returned to Indigenous control, but none of that land is in urban areas.
In 2002, a group of survivors from the notorious Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home established the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation, a place dedicated to the healing of survivors and the...
For Wiradjuri man and ACT program manager for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), Cleveland McGhie, being Indigenous means celebrating his culture’s resilience.
The year 2016 gave political cartoonists more material than you could poke a pencil at. Eighty of the best cartoons went on display in the Behind the Lines exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra.
Donald Trump supporters were jubilant while Hillary Clinton supporters were shocked and silent - it is the tale of two camps as the US starts to come to terms with Trump's shock victory.
More than 50,000 Iraqi soldiers, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sunni Arab tribesmen and Shia militiamen are engaged in a bloody battle to re-take control of Mosul from IS.

Finetta's life at home

A 6.2-magnitude hit central Italy on Wednesday, leaving more than 150 dead and reducing towns across the region to rubble.
Louisiana has faced epic flooding, with at least seven people killed and thousands evacuated to emergency shelters after waterways in the southern part of the state overflowed their banks.

Who's Who in the Hip Op Crew?

Meet Mi$$y Ro Yo, Kara Bang Bang, Big Deal and the rest of the world's oldest hip-hop crew.

On Location in Sicily

Aela Callan and the Dateline crew captured not only the story of the anti-mafia fight in Sicily, but also the sights and sounds of this Mediterranean island.
Dozens of protesters both for and against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have faced off at the opening of the Republican National Convention in the state of Ohio.

Bastille Day attack

At least 60 people are dead and 100 injured in the French city of Nice after a truck ploughed into a crowd in what officials and witnesses say was a deliberate attack.