Malcolm Turnbull is facing a diplomatic balancing act with his first official visit to Japan set to coincide with the resumption of Japanese whaling.
A landmark HIV prevention trial aims to virtually eliminate transmissions of the virus in NSW by 2020, says a researcher.
Australians: we’re a mixed bunch. The last Census revealed we’re made up of over 300 different cultural ancestries, with thousands of hybrid mixes. What’s your...
More than six years after the bodies of the Lin family were found in their home a jury has been unable to reach a verdict at the accused killer's trial.
Fires in Hong Kong, the United States and England have reportedly been linked to poor quality versions of a popular toy.
Australia commits to at least $1 billion in climate financing over five years, and promises to ratify phase two of Kyoto in Paris.
The 2016 Pirelli calendar, featuring Amy Schumer, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Patti Smith, is a small step toward appreciating different kinds of beauty, writes...

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New research shows the brain only sometimes has solely male or female traits, with most brains likely to be a mixed bag of both.
A member of the Russian royal family who died alone under a tree in the Northern Territory town of Katherine, while walking his dog, has been laid to rest.
Her case may be an example of psychogenic blindness.
The leaders of six countries including France and Mexico, as well as the heads of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have urged other nations and...

Senate to debate citizenship laws

Laws to strip citizenship from dual national terror suspects will be debated in the Senate.
A British poll has named Margaret Thatcher as the most influential woman of all time, ahead of scientist Marie Curie and the Queen.
The death of a young Sydney pharmacist at a music festival has sparked calls to introduce pill testing kits at major events.

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Opinion is split in the central Queensland city of Mackay as to whether Syrian refugees will be welcome in large numbers.
The COP21 climate talks in Paris will see some of the most powerful men and women come together to discuss ways to tackle global climate change concerns. But what...
More than 200 Australians suffering from vascular dementia are set to take part in Australia’s largest trial of Chinese herbal medicine.
France is hosting representatives from 195 countries for a climate change summit, in what is being seen as a show of solidarity after the Paris attacks.
It's not your typical rehabilitation regime, but the Australia Defence Force has embraced a rehabilitation program using creative arts to bring ADF members out of...

We need an energy miracle: Gates

Bill Gates has committed his fortune to moving the world beyond fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.

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How does Australia's commitments compare to other nations ahead of the December climate talks in Paris?
If you live in a large town or city you might think visiting your GP every few months is not uncommon, but regular doctor visits are not the norm in some parts of...
As year 12 students across Australia complete their final exams, some results are already in.
Nuclear reactors provide 11 per cent of the world's electricity, but where are they? Find out with this interactive data visualisation.
The federal government has announced it will withhold childcare benefits for parents who do not vaccinate their children. What areas of Australia have the lowest...

In Pictures: Cronulla Riots

As the the tenth anniversary of the Cronulla riots approaches (December 11, 2005), these photographs take a look back at the events that fuelled the violence.
At least two people are dead and others are being treated in hospital for burns following a devastating bushfire in South Australia.
As the world continues to mourn the victims of the Paris attacks, social media has lit up with artistic sparks as artists express their feelings in the wake of the tragedy.

In pictures: The Paris attacks

Belgian police have detained three people in connection with the bloody terrorist attacks in neighbouring France, for which the Islamic State extremist group claims responsibility.
Witnesses are describing scenes of carnage throughout Paris after a series of attacks on the French capital.
Hindu people around the world have made the world more colourful during Diwali - the festival of light.

The secret lives of Lolitas

A peek inside this hidden Japanese subculture: The Feed, 11 November 7.30pm SBS2
Photographers from around the world have captured spectacular scenes of people, places and nature in this year's photo contest.

In pictures: Melbourne Cup 2015

The best moments of The Melbourne Cup 2015 from fashion to fillies.
The first World Indigenous Games is underway in Palmas, Brazil, having kicked off on October 23. Also billed as the Indigenous Olympics, the games include 2,000 athletes from dozens of Brazilian tribes, as well as indigenous groups from 22 other countries—from the United States and Russia, to New Zealand and Ethiopia