The latest updates on the Victorian state election.
The seizure of $1.5 billion worth of drugs in Sydney has seen 2.8 tonnes of MDMA and ice taken off the streets.
A month after life-changing surgery in Australia, Papua New Guinean teenager Bradley Bola is in midst of a strong recovery.
Cricket Australia has confirmed it has postponed the First Test at the Gabba so that Phillip Hughes' funeral can be held on Wednesday.
The government insists the return of 37 asylum seekers meets Australia's obligations, despite a UN report criticising the policy of turning back asylum seeker...
US protesters forced a crowded St Louis mall to close for around two hours, demanding a boycott to post-Thanksgiving shopping and justice for an unarmed black...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a helmetless stormtrooper appeared in frame, panicked and sweaty in the middle of vast desert landscape, kicking off...

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Students from regional areas in Western Australia are being encouraged to go to university. For a number of students, it would be the first time a family member has...
It was a week of barnacles, budget cuts and overall disunity in parliament, but at least it started with some bipartisan love.
Whenever a government looks like it is about to sink a few things always happen - have they begun for Abbott?
A long-lost avant-garde painting has returned home to Hungary after nine decades thanks to a sharp-eyed art historian who spotted it being used as a prop in the...
The battle of the year as rival network personalities engage in an inner-city brawl that makes Ron Burgandy’s scuffle in Anchorman seem trivial.
An Australian family Friday spoke of their shock after a man jumped out of bushes and drove off in a hearse carrying the body of a relative just before his funeral.
Cricket fans have been taking to social media to mark the passing of Phillip Hughes in a heart-warming and six-hitting way.


All the latest news and analysis from around Australia.

In a difficult week for Clive Palmer's leadership, the PUP's two remaining NT members are planning to leave, calling the party's chaos a national disgrace.
The government insists the return of 37 asylum seekers meets Australia's obligations, despite a UN report criticising the policy of turning back asylum seeker...
Church advocates have condemned the government's proposed new migration laws as reminiscent of the White Australia policy.
The army has been called in to help mop up after Brisbane was smashed with large hailstones catapulted by destructive winds up to 141km/h.
Twenty years ago, Ahmed Abdo was followed home from school by a group of bullies. He turned to police for help. Now he says he wants to give back.
Over the weekend Victorians will head to the polls, with Labor still tipped to topple the Napthine-led coalition government.
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In pictures: Gaza Floods

United Nations agency has declared a state of emergency in Gaza City after two days of heavy rains and flooding in the war-ravaged Palestinian enclave.
Phillip Hughes' death has plunged cricket into mourning. Australians and the international community have rallied to pay tribute to the 25-year-old.
Thousands of protesters in London took to the streets outside the US embassy to march against the killing of black teenager, Michael Brown by a white police officer.

In pictures: Thanksgiving Day

The annual Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated across the United States tomorrow here are some the traditions and quirks.
With only weeks left till Christmas, many countries around the world are preparing for the festive season in spectacular fashion.
Police cars have been vandalised, gunshots heard and tear gas fired in Ferguson after a white police officer Darren Wilson, who shot black teen Michael Brown, was not indicted.
The governor of the US state of Missouri has urged calm ahead of a verdict on whether to indict a white police officer for shooting dead an unarmed black teenager.
The ARIA Awards are on tonight, celebrating Australia's best musical talents. We take a look at some of the nominees, including rapper Iggy Azalea and singer/songwriter Sia.
Students protested in London overnight, rallying against higher education fee hikes.