US President Barack Obama is to come under attack from a fleet of cardboard 'drones' piloted by anti-war activists during his visit to Australia later this month.
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12 Mar 2010 - 6:03 PM  UPDATED 23 Aug 2013 - 2:09 PM

US President Barack Obama is to come under attack from a fleet of cardboard 'drones' piloted by anti-war activists during his upcoming visit to Australia.

Veterans group Stand Fast is angry that Mr Obama will be given a hero's welcome when he arrives in the country later this month.

Group spokesman Hamish Chitts says the Nobel Peace Prize winner should instead be held to account for escalating the conflict in Afghanistan.

"Obama is not a force for progress, he is not a man of peace," said Mr Chitts, a veteran who served in East Timor.

"From his first day in office he has firmly placed himself in the camp of the warmongers and war-profiteers.

'Attack' on motorcade

"We need to take to the streets, in Canberra and wherever he goes, to remind Obama and the warmongers in this country that the anti-war majority demand troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan now."

Fellow Stand Fast member Graeme Dunstan said the 'attack' would be purely symbolic.

"A lot of veterans are appalled at the conduct of the wars," Mr Dunstan said. "I don't expect to get near him, but we are going to have some fun."

Peace campaigners across Australia are being mobilised to build cardboard models of drones with which to 'attack' Mr Obama's motorcade when it rolls into Parliament House.

Stand Fast is holding a cardboard sculpting workshop to create a fleet of two-metre long replicas of the MQ-1 Predator drone being used in Pakistan and Afghanistan.