Many organisations have set up appeals to help East Africa cope with the continent's worst famine in 60 years.

29 Aug 2011 - 12:00 AM  UPDATED 26 Aug 2013 - 9:20 AM

A number of organisations have set up appeals to help help more than 12 million people in East Africa as parts of the region suffer their worst drought in 60 years.

An unusually dry rainy season combined with rising food prices have led to severe food shortages in countries including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

Cattle and sheep are dying at higher rates than usual, reaching up to 60 percent of mortality in some areas.

Food prices in some parts of Kenya were up to 80 percent higher than the five year average, while in Ethiopia, the consumer price index jumped about 41 percent, AFP reported.

The Australian arm of UNHCR is accepting secure donations online. They urgently need funding to support existing refugee camps in Kenya (Dadaab) and Ethiopia, and to establish new ones to continue to provide shelter, food, water and protection for thousands of new refugees arriving daily.

Plan International
is urging Australian's to donate online to the East Africa Drought Appeal - Children in Crisis or by calling 13 75 26.

OXFAM's Africa Food Crisis Appeal is asking for donations to provide urgent relief for millions of Africans affected by drought, conflict and rising food prices

Save the Children Australia is asking for support to help millions of children who face life-threatening hunger and thirst in East Africa. Call 1 800 760 077 to donate or go online.

The United Nation's food aid arm, World Food Programme (WFP), is accepting donations online to its Save Lives in Drought-Stricken East Africa appeal.

CARE is handing out food and water, as well as providing education and training in hygiene at the Dadaab camp in Kenya.

World Vision Australia has a East Africa Emergency Appeal and is working on the ground to provide food and water, along with longer-term programs such as help for herders' animals to sustain livelihoods, support to plant drought tolerant crops, and help for families to diversify their income sources.

The Australian Red Cross also has an East Africa Drought Appeal, those funds are being used to provide food, water and relief assisitance and to support drought risk reduction activities.

Medicines Sans Frontieres are in various locations inside Somalia, and are also assisting exhausted refugees crossing Somalia's borders into Ethiopia and Kenya. Call 1300 13 60 61 or donate online.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has also set up an appeal. Click here to donate.

UNICEF has increased its humanitarian efforts to countries in East Africa and is accepting donations online to its East Africa Emergency Appeal. The organisation has also put together an infographic about the crisis in East Africa.

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