Opposition spokesperson for citizenship and settlement Teresa Gambaro has apologised for remarks implying migrants need lessons on personal hygiene and manners.

10 Jan 2012 - 4:00 PM  UPDATED 26 Aug 2013 - 9:20 AM

"The comments were taken out of context, are inappropriate and do not reflect Coalition policy," Gambaro said in a statement sent to media.

"As someone who has come from a migrant family, I am proud of the contribution that generations of migrants have made to Australia and I would not want my reported comments, ... to leave the impression that this contribution is not recognised."

The Liberal MP blamed press inaccuracy for the huge outcry over her remarks, made on the ABC, in which she commented on 'people using public transport without deodorant,' and pushing in queues.

"I regret any offence that may have been taken and unreservedly apologise," Gambaro added.

Gambaro was discussing federal migration multicultural strategy, and proposed a range of measures aimed at helping new arrivals to Australia fit in.

She further explained her plans in the statement.

“Social inclusion training is more than appreciation of our health and hygiene standards, cultural awareness and acceptable conduct. Training should include understanding of local business practices to safeguard temporary migrants from being financially ripped off," the statement said.

However, the remarks were the subject of a torrent of anger and ridicule on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, with the MP's Wikipedia entry promptly updated to included 'Armpit Sniffer' as her occupation and 'Orderly Queuing' as her religion.