The Coalition's citizenship spokeswoman has been forced into an embarrassing apology, after calling for immigrant workers to undergo cultural awareness training -- including the need for deodorant.
10 Jan 2012 - 5:34 PM  UPDATED 26 Aug 2013 - 9:20 AM

Teresa Gambaro, herself the daughter of migrant parents, was forced to retract her comments despite alleging they were taken out of context.

SBS spoke to a few people to see what they thought of the comments.

Indian born taxi driver Aman Singh is meticulous about his hygiene and the condition of his cab.

In many cases, he says, issues of cleanliness lie squarely with his late-night clients.

"They are not even clean properly. They don't even have proper shower and you can see and when they get out of the cab you ... have to use air freshener to clean the cab," he told SBS.

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The govenment says it provides appropriate settlement assistance, offering courses specific to Australian culture including language, banking, social integration, values and social taboos.

Migration agent Henry Qian has clients from 28-different nationalities and doesn't believe hygiene issues are culturally specific.

"She would be better off to adopt a more cautious and senstitive approach rather than generalising," he says.

Ms Gambaro has since retracted her comments saying they were taken out of context, are inappropriate and don't reflect coalition policy. She also regrets any offence that may have been taken and unreservedly apologised.