A third Australian chiropractor has been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly working illegally, officials detaining him at Denpasar airport.
30 Jan 2016 - 5:03 AM  UPDATED 17 Nov 2016 - 5:14 PM

A third Australian chiropractor has been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly working illegally, as officials enact a sweeping investigation on foreigners involved in health practices.

Michael Epstein was arrested at Denpasar International Airport on January 23 when he was about to have his passport stamped, local immigration office chief Yosep Renung Widodo said on Friday.

"We suspected he was going to flee. For now, he's in immigration detention."

Mr Epstein, Yosep alleged, was working at a clinic at the tourist hotspot Kuta and has been under observation by officials since November for allegedly working as a physician.

He said the Australian had been "summoned twice" but did not show up.

News of Mr Epstein's arrest comes just days after Australian brothers - Anthony and Thomas Dawson - were arrested in Jakarta over similar allegations that they were working illegally.

Police say the brothers were operating six branches in the capital as well as one in Bali, allegedly violating a working permit and conducting a traditional health service without a licence.

It is believed the brothers were arrested while hiding in the roof of the top floor of one of their offices in Jakarta.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has offered consular assistance to the pair.

Jakarta police spokesman Mohammed Iqbal said the brothers' arrests were part of an over-arching investigation into all health practices following the death of local woman Siska Nadya last year.

Allya reportedly died just hours after receiving treatment from a Californian chiropractor who has since fled the country.

"All practices, whether it be chiropractic, beauty clinics, they're all being investigated," Mohammed Iqbal said.

It is understood police are also investigating allegations of money laundering in the brothers' case.