Cathy Morcom's husband and three children are all active members in the scouts movement. Now she has the biggest role of all.
John Hayes Bell

18 Jun - 8:19 PM  UPDATED 18 Jun - 9:30 PM

The Sydney woman has been appointed the general manager of Scouts Australia, a move which marks the first time in the organisation's 110-year history that a woman will fill the key role of leading the business.

Ms Morcom told SBS World News she was honoured to be appointed and she looked forward to the challenge.

She said the core values and principles of the movement, such as respect, equity and responsibility, remained the same, but that scouting must adapt to the fast-changing world.

"As we move forward we need to continue to reflect any changes that we have in our society in Australia, and I think we need to have active citizens," she said.

"We need to make sure that the values and the principles, and methods of scouting is really at the DNA and core of what we do."

Among her first goals in the new role was to increase the number of scouts in Australia by at least 30 thousand over the next six years.

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