• Malcolm Turnbull has fired up over ongoing rumours of divisions within the Liberal party, (AAP)
Malcolm Turnbull utilises a 'Trump-ism' when alluding to reported divisions within the Liberal Party.
27 Jun - 12:56 PM  UPDATED 27 Jun - 2:28 PM

The Prime Minister has shot down rumoured fractions between his party members, saying journalists need to “focus on results."

Malcolm Turnbull was in Melbourne to unveil a $1.6 billion upgrade to Victoria’s regional rail network, which includes nine railway lines running across the state.

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But the PM was peppered with questions about the sale of Port of Melbourne and whether $600 million from the now-defunct Asset Recycling Scheme would also be injected into state infrastructure.

“What we’re doing is delivering $1.42 billion towards regional rail in Victoria, combined with $150 million from the state government. Now I’m sorry you’re so negative about it, but I can tell you, you are way out of touch,” Mr Turnbull began.

But when reporters attempted to jump in, the PM fired up.

“No, no, hang on, no, no, no, no, no, no just hear me out,” he said.

“What Victorians are interested in is getting the job done. They want the infrastructure built. They are sick of politicians arguing and point-scoring.”

Malcolm Turnbull then alluded to ongoing reports this week of rifts within the Liberal party.

“[People are] sick of journalists and the media point-scoring and arguing too. What they want us to do is get on with the job,” he said.

“I hear all the commentary, I see all the click-bait, I see all of the fake news, I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in results.”

Rumours of party divisions were further fuelled on Monday by former PM Tony Abbott, who accused senior cabinet minister Christopher Pyne of disloyalty.

Mr Abbott’s blast was related to leaked audio of Mr Pyne saying same-sex marriage could happen “soon”.