• Scott Krix, the man behind the audio magic of Australian cinemas. (SBS)
You may not know the name, but there's a good chance you’ve heard the company's product.
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28 Aug - 11:12 AM  UPDATED 30 Aug - 5:07 PM

Krix has been creating quality sound systems for the past 40 years.

Scott Krix started his speaker system business as a university graduate working out of his parent’s garage.

It started out as a hobby during a time of unemployment.

Scott says,” Didn't know anything about it, just built it, and when it didn't work, I built it again. And when that didn't work, I built it again. It's like building a boat until it floats.”

Krix Sound’s big break came when he was asked to fix an acoustic problem in a local Adelaide cinema.

From there, the niche market of cinemas opened up as Krix caught the attention of Hoyts, Greater Union and Village Roadshow.

It’s been 43 years, and Scott and his four brothers run the business.

Their biggest revenue raiser comes from cinema companies, and it’s estimated that most Australian cinemas have a Krix sound system installed.

The Krix brand isn’t just renowned in Australia though. Their high manufacturing standards from their Adelaide factory has seen huge interest from Asia, the US and Europe, with China being a popular destination for their home theatre systems. In fact, each speaker is built by hand.

But being an Australian manufacturer has its pitfalls, particularly if a business is physically distant from their markets.

“We are down the bottom of the earth, we are isolated, in a lot of respects, from other markets, so trade shows and travelling are pretty important to get onto the world scene,” says Cinema Sales Director Ashley Krix.

Chief Executive Gary Krix says, “I think the challenge of making stuff in Australia is, you have to do it better, you have to find more efficient ways of doing things.” 

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