Gold price low and heading lower

Gold prices are trading around their lowest level since January but analysts say a further slide is likely.

Alacer rebuffs OceanaGold approach

OceanaGold says its takeover bids for Canadian-listed gold miner Alacer have been rejected.
Chinese giant Alibaba, which is set to begin trading on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange, has priced its stock at $US68.
The pound gained more than one cent on the dollar, to $US1.6389, before the Scottish polls closed, with markets expecting a `no' vote.
The possibility of greater restrictions on the use of testosterone replacement drugs in the US has caused a sharp fall in a local company's shares.
Anatara Lifesciences has opened a share offer to raise funds to further the development of a non-antibiotic treatment for diarrhoea in pigs.
Limited supply of land in capital cities is driving up the price of vacant lots, contributing to the recent rise in property prices, research shows.
The ACCC has given Coles the green light to buy three Progressive IGA stores in Western Australia.
Sony stock dropped as much as 12 per cent in Tokyo before closing at 1,940.0 yen on the back of news of a likely $2.3bn annual loss.

AOFM sells $500m of Treasury notes

The AOFM has sold $500 million of Treasury notes, maturing on January 23, 2015.

Arrium shares hit all-time low

Arrium shares have dropped 29 pct after the iron ore miner and steelmaker completed the first stage of its $754m capital raising.
New Zealand's economy has grown at a 3.5 per cent annual pace, according to latest gross domestic product figures.

Oil prices dip on US crude data

Oil prices have dipped following mixed US crude-inventory data and reports suggesting an OPEC production cut is unlikely.

Dovish Fed holds policy unchanged

The Federal Reserve has stuck to its forecast for an initial interest rate rise in 2015 but slightly cut its forecast for US growth.
The average total pay for the chief executives of Australia's top 100 companies was 63 times average earnings, at $4.84m, in 2013.

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