The company says the proposed package has been withdrawn and an alternative package will be formulated.

Oroton loses its shine

Shares in Oroton have plunged after the luxury brand retailer said full year earnings will fall significantly.

McDonald's CEO 'proud' of pay hike

In the face of hundreds of protesters, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has expressed his pride at a recent pay rise for workers.
The federal government is cracking down on what's known as the shared economy.
A fund set up to compensate asbestos victims has received a record number of claims, but James Hardie is poised to cut its contributions.
Childcare centre operator G8 Education says it's always on the look out for the "right" acquisition opportunity.

Woodside speeds up cost cutting

Woodside Petroleum is speeding up its cost cutting program, after axing 600 jobs in the past 17 months, but says its key Browse project is on track.

Economy growing but tax take slips

New Zealand's economic growth is expected to peak at 3.3 per cent but then taper off with unemployment also expected to drop. 5 per cent.
Pizza chain Domino's is looking for thousands new staff to meet demand expected to be sparked by its new GPS delivery tacking system.
A $US25 million fine for BHP over the 2008 Olympics has been described as signalling a new focus on corporate hospitality as a means of bribery.
The RBA says it's investigating ways to clamp down on excessive surcharging on credit card payments.
Growing sales and a lower Aussie dollar have helped building materials supplier James Hardie to a strong rise in annual profit.
The Federal Government's new small business tax incentives are designed to give them a helping hand, but what do SME operators need to know to take advantage of...
Telstra's Asian telecommunications provider Pacnet has been targeted in a security breach.
Oil and gas giant Chevron's Australian boss has complained that Australia's taxes are too high as it is reportedly chased in court for unpaid taxes.

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